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Community services

Sunnyfield can assist you to design a personalised plan to support you to achieve your personal goals and identify what supports you may need to get there.

Community and Social

Services Brochure

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If you’re going to live the life you want, doing the things you enjoy, then Sunnyfield can assist you to design a personalised plan to support you to achieve your personal goals and identify what supports you may need to get there.


  • Assistance with social and community participation
  • Increased social and community participation
  • Improved daily living skills
  • Improved learning
  • Assistance with daily life
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Social and community participation

Sunnyfield’s Community Services Hubs offer a range of active support options so you can try new things, learn additional skills and get involved in your community.

Depending on what you can want to do, that active support might be provided at home, at a Sunnyfield Community Services Hub, or in the community.

  • Daily activity programs that support your choices
  • Access to outings in local parks, art galleries and museums
  • Going swimming to learn water safety skills and improve your wellbeing
  • Learning to cook foods that you enjoy to increase your independence
  • Participating in art classes and learning to express yourself
  • After school programs
Skills for Life

Sunnyfield’s Skills for Life activities have been developed utilising Sunnyfield’s person-centred active support philosophy. These activities are designed for people with disability of all ages to support you to develop social skills, communication skills, strengthen problem-solving skills, increase self-awareness and build independence.

Skills for Life activities include

  • Social skills
  • Money skills
  • Cooking
  • Out and about
  • Digital
  • Personal appearance
After school care - Primary

The Learning Tree is a Sunnyfield service program designed for school aged children and young people with disability. Sessions run Monday to Friday 3.30pm – 5.30pm during school terms. Extended hours, Saturdays and school holidays are available on request.

The Learning Tree incorporates health and fitness, learning and life skills, community access and recreation. The program is based in a relaxed and inclusive setting at Sunnyfield’s Community Services Hubs in Tweed Heads South, Gunnedah and Tamworth.

Our program includes

Monday – Healthy Minds

  • Educational games
  • Homework and tutorial support
  • Technology time (computers/iPad)

Tuesday – Healthy Bodies

  • Walking group
  • Exercise games and gym like activities

Wednesday – Out and About

  • Dancing
  • Participants choice outings
  • Library and gallery visits

Thursday – All Things Music

  • Music jamming and workshops
  • Music and creative movement

Friday – Express Yourself

  • Group choice activities
  • Arts and crafts
  • Creative cooking


After school care - Secondary

Sunnyfield’s after school care program is designed for participants aged 12 – 17. Sessions run Monday to Friday 3.15pm – 5.15pm during school terms and the program is based at Sunnyfield’s Community Services hub in the Northern Beaches.

Set in an inclusive and relaxed setting, the Community Services Hub features a gym, kitchen facilities, specialised sensory rooms, outdoor areas and open spaces for recreational activities.

Our program includes

About me

  • Building independence
  • Developing self-awareness
  • Getting to know yourself

Skills for Life activities

  • Travel training (practical)
  • Using an iPad and technology time
  • Literacy skills
  • Cooking

Relationships and community

  • Exploring my local community
  • Experience new and exciting activities
  • Connect and socialise with peers and meet new friends

Performing and creative arts

  • Vocalisation and speech
  • Express yourself through music
  • Explore various music genres and dance styles
  • Get creative through art

Healthy living and well-being

  • Stretching and flexibility
  • Learn new techniques and relaxation
  • Health and well-being techniques
  • Outdoor excursions

Individualised supports

  • Assistance with self-care activities
  • Individual skills development
  • Assistance with domestic activities
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