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Enriching the lives of people with disability by creating choice, opportunities and skills for life.

Sunnyfield Members

Membership Form

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Families, carers and guardians are an important part of Sunnyfield, as a family-based and Member founded organisation, we have a very strong community dedicated to supporting people with disability to achieve their goals and aspirations. We encourage all families, carers and guardians to become Members.

As a Member of Sunnyfield you can

  • Belong to the Sunnyfield Members Auxiliary Group
  • Attend Sunnyfield’s Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Attend regular industry updates about the NDIS and changes in state and federal funding
  • Receive regular updates about the work Sunnyfield is doing
  • Provide regular feedback to Sunnyfield staff to assist in improving our services
  • Support Sunnyfield’s Fundraising and Volunteering activities
  • Assist Supported Employees in their workplace committees
  • Be invited to take part in voting rights for Sunnyfield Board Directors
  • Join in and participate in Sunnyfield Member Auxiliaries
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About Sunnyfield Membership

Any family member or guardian of a Sunnyfield client can apply to Sunnyfield’s Board to become a Member. Members have a voice in the direction and governance of Sunnyfield with voting rights at the Sunnyfield Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Sunnyfield is a Public Company limited by guarantee and regulated by ASIC. Sunnyfield’s Board consists of 10 Directors: 5 are Sunnyfield Members and 5 are Non-Member Directors.

How to apply

To access Sunnyfield’s Membership Form click on the link in the left hand panel.

If you would like to discuss Sunnyfield Membership please contact Jonathan Swain, General Manager Corporate & Company Secretary

T 02 8977 8809

Sunnyfield Constitution

To access Sunnyfield’s Constitution click on the link below.

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