Salam, Namaste, Nin Hao, Chao, Marhaba

As advocates for inclusion, Sunnyfield welcomes and celebrates all cultures and backgrounds, supporting diversity through connection and tailored for cultural needs.

Children Playing in a Short Term Accommodation Home


Recognise, accept and value people
from all backgrounds.

Respect for Culture

Provide a range of options to
support your cultural needs.

Unique to you

Deliver a suite of disability supports
tailored to your NDIS Plan.

Multilingual Support

Facilitate access to a multilingual
Support Coordination team.

Skills Building

Provide opportunities to develop
life skills.

Safe and Trusted

Deliver services in a safe and
trusted space.

Najla Turk


Najla Turk

Meet Sunnyfield’s Cultural Ambassador Najla Turk 

Najla is an international speaker, carer, educator, coach and published author, specialising in diversity and inclusion.

As a bi-cultural woman, Najla has over 20 years of experience in training and education, extensive cultural understanding and lived disability experience.

Najla’s strength lies in her ability to raise cultural awareness and improve communication and interaction between people from all walks of life.

Easy English and CALD Resources

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