Support coordination

What it means for you

What it means for you

A tailored NDIS plan

Support Coordination funding is designed to support participants to get the best outcomes from their NDIS Plan. With the help of a Support Coordinator, you’ll build knowledge to manage your NDIS supports more independently.

We can help you to understand your NDIS Plan.

Link you to disability service providers.

Support you to choose and organise your disability supports.

Support you to connect with your culturally diverse needs.

Build your skills to give you greater choice and control over your life and NDIS funding.

Help you decide about your NDIS Plan and goals.

Why Sunnyfield


How it works


Identify and present a range of suitable options for you in the NDIS marketplace.


Coordinate Service Agreements and liaise with service providers.


Keep track of your plan to ensure your NDIS funds are used effectively.


Provide the NDIA progress reports and prepare for your plan review meetings.

Meet our Support Coordinators

Our experienced team of NDIS Support Coordinators are on hand to support you during this changing environment.

Need a translator?

If English isn’t your first language, we have Support Coordinators who speak fluently in the following languages:

Mexican Spanish




Have a question about Support Coordination?

What does a Support Coordinator do?

A Support Coordinator will help to connect you with all the individual services outlined in your plan, helping you to get the best out of your NDIS funding. Find out how the Sunnyfield Support Coordinators helped Maya and Moses to find the right supports.

Who is eligible for Support Coordination?

Support Coordination is not available to all NDIS participants; when you request Support Coordination funding, the NDIS will assess each person on a case-by-case basis to determine whether your individual circumstances meet the criteria for eligibility or not.

To assist you in understanding eligibility for Support Coordination, below is an outline of circumstances where NDIS Participants may meet eligibility for Support Coordination funding.

Significant life change

A significant life change is an event or occurrence that has a major impact on your ability to live an independent and meaningful life, such as:

No existing informal supports

If you don’t have an informal support network, such as family or friends with the time or knowledge to help you find and connect with disability services or if you have aging parents or carers that no longer have the capacity to support you with NDIS Plan. The NDIS may provide funding for a Support Coordinator to assist you.

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD)

Sunnyfield has a range of bilingual and bicultural Support Coordinators for CALD NDIS participants where English is not your first language, or you have limited knowledge of the NDIS and what disability supports and services are available to you.


Other examples may include:

  • Families with multiple disabilities in the family who do not have the capacity to manage and coordinate several NDIS Plans (such as a parent with a disability or two children with disabilities).
  • Aging parents who no longer have the capacity to support you to maintain your daily routines such as meal preparation, assistance to get ready for the day, or transport to and from your supports.
  • There is a high risk of harmful behaviour, mental health, or justice system involvement that may require urgent intervention and support.


What is Capacity Building?

A support that enables you to build your independence skills and capacity so as to reduce reliance on funded supports. Visit our Services page and find out more about our capacity building supports.

What is the difference between Support Coordination and Case Management?

Case Management is similar to Support Coordination in that it assists you to link with providers. Support Coordination is different to Case Management in that it is more about building your capacity, supporting you to become more independent.

What is the difference between a Support Coordinator and a Local Area Coordinator (LAC)?

The LAC program is a time limited support that works with the NDIA to build your plan and to start you on your NDIS journey.

The Support Coordination role is a funded support that will appear on your plan as a Capacity Building Support. The amount of time your coordinator has to work with you will vary for each participant, depending on the budgeted amount. Your support coordinator will work more closely with you to assist you to use your plan to meet your needs and to navigate the NDIS systems.

What does a Plan Manager do?

A Plan Manager is responsible for the financial/administrative side of a participant’s NDIS Plan. For example, the Plan Manager is responsible for organising payments, processing claims and invoices and tracking budgets. If you require plan management services, your Support Coordinator can help you to arrange this.

Does having Support Coordination reduce the funding available for other supports in my plan?

No. Support Coordination is included in a participant’s NDIS Plan in addition to other supports. Visit our NDIS page for more information on the NDIS funding.

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Success starts with Support Coordination

Success starts with Support Coordination

David and Clarice are husband and wife and both have hearing impairments. Their NDIS plans didn’t have enough funding to access the right supports, until they met Phil.

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