Care Concierge

A bespoke, non-NDIS funded Support Coordination service for busy individuals who want to spend less time dealing with NDIS paperwork and more time on what really counts.


Time made effective

How can Care Concierge help?

Led by NDIS experts, Care Concierge provides a service that is efficient, individual and comprehensive. Your Care Consultant will be your personal point of contact who can fulfil each and every NDIS request, resulting in a streamlined and comprehensive NDIS plan and supports management.

simplify your busy life

Specialised Service

If you want something done right, you don’t have to do it yourself. We’re NDIS experts

Lighten your workload

Management of all NDIS correspondence and administration will be our responsibility

Additional Support

Access to Support Coordination services if your NDIS plan doesn’t fund it

Peace of mind

Comfort in knowing everything is taken care of so you can refocus your time

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