Accommodation supports

Sunnyfield has a range of services to support people with disability to find a place to call home, and build independence.


Services Brochure

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Whether you prefer the independence of living by yourself or the fun of making new friends and learning new skills in shared accommodation, Sunnyfield has a range of accommodation services to support people with disability to find a place to call home, and build independence.


  • Assistance in a shared living arrangement
  • Short term accommodation and assistance
  • Assistance with daily life
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Shared independent living

In a shared living home, you’ll live independently in small groups of between four to five people. You’ll enjoy the privacy of your own bedroom as well as shared spaces to watch television and enjoy meals together.

Sunnyfield can provide

  • Assistance with accommodation planning
  • A skilled team member to assist you in navigating through the NDIS
  • An individualised plan to support your goals and aspirations
  • Assistance with daily personal supports

Sunnyfield can support people with disability to

  • Take part in choosing who you live with
  • Live independently
  • Learn daily tasks in the home such as cooking, shopping and safety in the home
  • Get out and about in their local community

Where are these services available?

Sunnyfield is now taking expressions of interest for the following NSW locations, please fill in the online form below and one of our team members will contact with you within two business days.


  • Western Sydney
  • Central Coast
  • Northern Beaches
Short term accommodation and assistance

Sunnyfield offers a range of in-home and centre-based service options to support families and carers in the regular maintenance of routines, community outings and activities around the home.

Sunnyfield’s short-term accommodation services are located in Ashfield, Caringbah and Randwick and operate 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Sunnyfield can provide

  • In-home support from highly trained staff
  • Outings in the community through social and recreational programs
  • Centre-based respite (short term accommodation and assistance)
Assistance with daily life

Sunnyfield’s independent living program supports people with disability to live independently in their own home.

Sunnyfield can provide

  • Training to learn new skills such as budgeting, literacy and travel
  • Support with new activities such as shopping, cooking and safety in the home
  • Assistance with daily tasks, jobs inside the home, gardening and maintenance
Contact Sunnyfield about shared independent living
  • If you have an NDIS plan that includes shared independent living or you qualify for shared independent living, then we’d like to hear from you. Please note that this does not guarantee a shared independent living placement and the expression of interest is not binding for either you or Sunnyfield.
  • Contact details

    Please enter the contact details of the person that would like to be considered for shared independent living.
  • Family or representative contact details

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  • Sunnyfield shared independent living services

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