Sunnyfield Members Auxiliary

Enriching the lives of people with disability by creating choice, opportunity and skills for life.


The Sunnyfield Members Auxiliary meet on a regular basis typically every two months, and frequently arrange for presentations to be made by Sunnyfield management, politicians, experts and VIPs. You may wish to nominate topics that you would like covered, such as Wills, trusts, guardianship, powers of attorney, self-management, accommodation and independent living.

You can ask for special subjects relevant to disability to be explored as well, at present there are Auxiliary groups operating in Northern Sydney, by becoming a Member of Sunnyfield you can get involved with the Sunnyfield Members Auxiliary groups.

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Staying in touch

Being a family founded organisation, managed by family members for the first 40 or so years, Sunnyfield understands the critical importance of not only supporting people with disability, but also working with families and carers to ensure they have access to the information they need to support their family member.

We also recognise and encourage the mutual support families frequently provide to one another and invite all new Members to participate in the Sunnyfield Members Auxiliary Group.

Northern Sydney


The Sunnyfield Members Auxiliary blog

The Sunnyfield Members Auxiliary manage a blog page which is a place for Members to stay in touch with one another and to make sure that important matters relevant to Sunnyfield and intellectual disability are widely and fairly publicised.

It is controlled entirely by the Members, operated and managed completely independently from Sunnyfield staff.

Sunnyfield management are often invited to attend, present on key matters and speak with Members attending the particular meeting.

The Sunnyfield Members Auxiliary blog

To access the blog click on the link below.

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