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Supported employment and vocational training for people with disability.

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Working together with families, friends and dedicated staff, Sunnyfield is your trusted NDIS service provider that supports a brighter future for people with disability.

Leading Disability Service Provider In Sydney

With over 72 years of dedicated service, we at Sunnyfield stand as a for-purpose organisation committed to enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities. As a registered NDIS provider, we embrace a person-centric approach that empowers our clients with choice and control over their services. Our legacy is built on community spirit, trust, inclusion and heart, making us a supportive sanctuary for children, youth, adults and seniors seeking to carve out a bright future.

We’ve designed our extensive range of over 2,000 disability services in Sydney and the greater NSW area to meet the diverse needs of our community. From finding a place to call home and fostering social and community participation to providing supported employment and skills development, we are here to support every aspect of work, life and leisure. Let’s work together to build independence and craft a future filled with bright opportunities.

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Discover employment disability services in Sydney to guide you through every step of your career. We provide work experience opportunities for students and employment support for school leavers. Our environments are designed to enhance skill development and independence so you can develop a fulfilling career.

Support Coordination

As an NDIS service provider in Sydney, we specialise in Support Coordination to help you navigate the NDIS marketplace efficiently. We assist in identifying the best options for your needs, managing your funds effectively, coordinating services and preparing for NDIS meetings. We’ve designed our services to ensure you fully understand and can manage your plan, with support tailored to local and culturally diverse needs, aiming for the best outcomes from your NDIS plan.

Community Programs

Connect with your community through our vibrant Community Programs. Master hobbies like gardening, photography or music at our hubs, enjoy social outings such as movies or BBQs or join youth programs for exciting activities. We also offer community access services to help you explore local events and places. These initiatives are designed to foster social connections and enrich your life.


Our accommodation services cater to a variety of living situations for those utilising disability services in Sydney. Whether you’re looking for Supported Independent Living with housemates, seeking Specialist Disability Accommodation for more independent living or need Short and Medium Term Accommodation, we’re here to support your housing needs. Our focus is on providing comfortable, supportive environments that foster independence and community.

More Services For Empowerment

Beyond our core disability services in Sydney, we also offer programs aimed at enriching lives and building skills for independence. Our Skills For Life program covers essential life skills like recipe following and budgeting, ensuring participants can lead their best lives. For those needing assistance at home, our Care-At-Home services provide meal preparation, daily respite care and more. Additionally, our Vacation Care for young people offers arts and crafts, games, sports and day trips, all designed to spark creativity and adventure.

Each service, as part of our role as an NDIS provider, is a stepping stone towards independence, community engagement and personal fulfilment, embodying our commitment to supporting individuals at every stage of life and need.

What’s On

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Creating an inclusive environment.

Improving accessibility benefits everyone, creating a more inclusive society. Accessibility, however, isn’t always black and white. It’s personal and looks different for everyone. As an NDIS provider with a unique perspective on the needs of individuals with disability, we share some simple tips on how you can create a more accessible environment. From leveraging assistive technologies and making digital content more accessible to optimising physical spaces with thoughtful design, our guidance encourages innovative thinking to meet varied accessibility requirements effectively.

Get Involved With Sunnyfield

Make a difference by getting involved with Sunnyfield, a not-for-profit charity dedicated to supporting individuals with disabilities. You can contribute by donating or bequesting, engaging with our community through team volunteer days and partnering with us on fundraising initiatives. Your support helps us continue our vital work and create brighter futures.

Connect With Sunnyfield: Discover Your Path To Support

Join the Sunnyfield community and gain access to specialised support that caters to your individual needs. Our team is passionate about providing disability services in Sydney that foster independence, enhance community engagement and promote personal growth. From securing meaningful employment and participating in enriching community programs to finding comfortable, supportive accommodation and navigating the complexities of the NDIS, we are here for you. 

If you’re in Sydney or NSW and are seeking comprehensive disability services from a registered NDIS provider, we invite you to reach out. Fill out our contact form for a personalised consultation, and let’s create a plan that lights up your path to a brighter future.

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