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“A place to call home”

Best friends and flatmates Lili and Sascha have blossomed in their beautiful Sunnyfield shared living home in Roseville. The home is brightly decorated with butterflies, photos capturing their days out and brightly coloured decorations. In the afternoons, the pair arrive home from school, take part in one of their many activities and help prepare their afternoon snack. The house has a youthful, vibrant energy and sense of fun, it is just the beginning for these two young ladies.

Shared Independent Living

Shared Independent Living

Sunnyfield supports people with disability to source independent living solutions and enjoy a place to call home. If you have future accommodation goals, we’d like to hear from you.

Sunday Lunch Club

Sunday Lunch Club

Looking to join a social group, meet new people and make new friends?

IPDwD 2017

This year’s theme for International Day of People with Disability 2017 is about empowering people with disability to be active contributors of society.

Latest News

Osman’s Place to Call Home

Osman, along with four of his friends recently moved in to a brand new purpose-built home in Western Sydney. With funding received, Sunnyfield was able to set up a beautiful new place to call home for five people with disability. At home, Osman loves to enjoy a cup of...

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