Moving into a better mindset

April 12, 2023

Like many, Richard was heavily affected by the isolation caused by the Covid pandemic. Richard became restless, saying

“I wanted to leave my mum and dad’s house to become more independent. I wanted to make my own choices.”

His family was concerned about his mindset and saddened by the impact, they knew something needed to change and wanted to find support focused on being person-centred in a new environment. They began looking into potential options to support their son and dared to pursue in finding him a new home. This led to having a very hopeful conversation with Diana, our Business Development Officer and Kirsten, our Client Engagement Manager, in who Richards’s family found support and encouragement throughout this process. Together they found Richard a home within our community. Soon enough, his spark began to return.

Richard found his space in one of our Specialist Disability Accommodation homes and hasn’t looked back. He has set up his bedroom with a comfortable bed, many posters, books and all his personal belongings. The newly built home has plenty of room, and he has made the space his own. Richard says

“I am now really independent and don’t need everyone to help me.”

His days are often full of activities, and he is making the most of his surroundings, whether cooking up a feast in the kitchen, going for a walk down to the local shops or building his life skills at our Dulwich Hill Hub. Being exposed to new people, places, and experiences reflects in Richard’s bright self-confidence and curiosity.

“I love to see all my staff every day, cooking, eating, playing basketball and watching movies”.

He has also found comfort in his new company by building close friendships with the previous Service Manager, Bridget, who loves to visit, new Service Manager, Nina, new housemates, and friends at Dulwich Hill Hub. Richard projects a strong sense of belonging and is now known as the king of the house.

Moving is a big change, and with help from our supportive services, and his family’s determination, Richard now has access to a lot more. His world has opened up and he is thriving in his new home.

“I love it and all my support workers”. 

We are very excited that Richard continues to build a better mindset within our Sunnyfield community and can’t wait to see where his journey in this new space takes him.

The kindness, fun and consistency of his new environment, supportive understanding of his needs from the carers and forming new friendships within his new circle have all helped guide Richard to a much happier version of himself. Although we miss him living with us, we find comfort in his progress and are grateful to see him building his independence.
It is such a joy to see how far he has come. – Richards Parents

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