Building Better Independence and Thriving.

March 22, 2023

Glenn’s independence didn’t frequently cross his mind. He had lived at home with his parents for 57 years until his mother and father transitioned into permanent aged care, and Glenn realised he might need some help. This change initially came as a big shock as he often lent on his mother for help with daily tasks. After discussions with his family, Glenn decided to take a big step into building his independence by giving living alone at his family home a try.

Luckily, help wasn’t far for Glenn; he has a fantastic Sunnyfield Support Coordinator, Danielle, and his sister Melinda is also on our team. Danielle worked hard to set up the process and apply for the proper funding for Glenn and his NDIS plan. After finalising all the paperwork, she could confidently curate support for Glenn to achieve his goal of living by himself in the comfort of his family home.

It took some adjusting, but Glenn has adapted well to his new living circumstances and is booming with independence.

“The change was easy, I like my own company and can watch what I want [on TV]. I do It all by myself”

From watching his favourite shows to doing the laundry or making his bed, Glenn has his routine sorted and is making the most of it.

“I make my bed a lot. I used to when mum and dad were here. When mum wasn’t well, I used to help her out.” 

The tables have turned, and not only is he looking after himself, but Glenn is also helping look after his surrounding company.

“I’ve got a cat Smokey. It was mum and dad’s cat. She goes meow when I go to put the clothes in the washing machine. Every time I get to feed her, she eats a lot.”

There are occasional visits from people who help out;

“I got Carers. They come out on Saturday and do the shopping for me. Her name is Michelle”.

Danielle’s hard Support Coordination work has paid off and reflects in Glenn’s strong sense of independence, as well as bringing peace of mind to his sister, Melinda, who often stops in for a visit and can now comfortably enjoy their lunch catch-ups knowing Glenn is thriving.
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