5 ways Support Coordination can benefit you


October 21, 2021

The basic principles behind Support Coordination is to build your capacity to manage your NDIS supports more independently and simplify the NDIS, so you have a comprehensive understanding of your plan. If you’ve been thinking about onboarding a Support Coordinator, here are 5 stand-out reasons why you should.

Knowledge is empowerment

1. Understand your plan

You’ve received your NDIS Plan, now what? Navigating the NDIS is no easy task and we don’t blame you if you’re left feeling confused and don’t know where to begin. A Support Coordinator is well-versed in NDIS talk and can help explain each section of your plan, what it means for you, support you to identify your NDIS goals and how to align your plan with those goals.

2. Connect to the RIGHT supports

If you surround yourself with people who empower you, the sky is the limit to what you can achieve. Working with a diverse group of Allied Health Professionals, a Support Coordinator can connect you with providers based on your specific goals and needs.

It’s important for you and your support providers to be compatible, and a Support Coordinator will work with you to find someone that is the perfect fit. This tailored approach will have you seeing results in no time.

3. Support culturally diverse needs

No one person is the same, and that’s what makes life interesting and unique. We understand that the best way to connect with the people we support is to understand their cultural needs and build their supports around them.

A Support Coordinator will endeavour to find supports that cater to your beliefs, languages, customs, rituals, behaviours, faith/religion, food and attitude.

4. Prioritising your choice

When it comes to making life decisions, you’re the boss. Bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience, a Support Coordinator acts as your mentor, providing guidance and trusted advice so you can make confident, educated decisions about your supports. Support Coordination aims to build your skills and confidence to independently manage your NDIS support.

5. Paperwork be gone!

There is a lot of admin work that comes with an NDIS Plan. A Support Coordinator can help you manage all your Service Agreements and keep track of your NDIS funding, giving you peace of mind knowing your funds are being used effectively.

When it comes to your NDIS Plan review meetings, they’ll prepare and provide the NDIA progress reports and identify any gaps in your plan that may require additional funding.

In short, a Support Coordinator is essentially an NDIS guardian angel. If you’d like to discuss more, our experienced team of NDIS Support Coordinators are on hand to answer any of your questions.T 1300 588 688 or E enquiries@sunnyfield.org.au

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