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Liverpool Community Services

Enriching the lives of people with disability by creating choice, opportunity and skills for life.


Skills for Life Brochure

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Liverpool Services Brochure

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Services Brochure - Easy English

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Sunnyfield’s new Liverpool services offer a range of personalised & flexibility multi-lingual supports for children, youth and adults with disability. 

Sunnyfield is expanding disability services in Liverpool and we’re excited to offer a range of new services including

  • Tailored multi-lingual supports
  • Skills for life and capacity building programs
  • Group-based weekend programs for children, youth and adults
  • Support coordination

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Saturday Social Group - Adults

Weekends are for friends and adventure, so you’ll get out and about, do things to build your independence, develop a few life skills and make loads of new friends. These programs are jam packed with local events, attractions, cruises and much more.

The Hang Out - Youth

The Hang Out is all about bringing young people aged 13 – 17 years together to do the things they want and love. Meet new friends, try new things and expand social networks. Activities will rotate each month and include bowling, movies, laser tag or trips to the city to check out China Town, Vivid or grabbing some dinner and check out the local attractions.

The Adventure Club - Children

The Adventure Club is designed so that children aged 7 – 12 years can meet new friends, try new things and get social. Our programs are tailor-made with healthy, active and adventurous things to do and see. Activities will rotate each month and include trips to the Shine Shed, Arts and Crafts, Slime Making, bowling, Inflatable World and loads more.


Miller Community Services Hub (Monday - Friday)
Skills for Life

Sunnyfield’s Skills for Life programs are designed for people with disability of all ages and provide a range of tools to strengthen problem solving skills, increase self-awareness and build independence.

  • Monday – Friday
  • Flexible times available (day, afternoon or evenings)
  • Individualised and group-based


Budgeting is a major life skill. Understanding where money comes from and how best to spend it starts with a budget. You’ll learn how to put a budget together and save money to buy things.


This program is designed to support participants to recognise numbers from one to one hundred and complete basic sums including adding up numbers and subtracting numbers.

Following a recipe

In this program you’ll learn how to follow a recipe from start to delicious finish. This is a valuable life skill for those who wish to do more things for themselves and live more independently. You’ll learn about what makes a good recipe, where to find recipes and how to follow directions.

Planning a menu

Get ready to plan a menu! This program will take you through everything you need to know including picking meals, writing a menu, writing a shopping list and getting ready to cook.

Road safety

Road safety is one of the most important things for us to learn. Crossing the road safely and identifying signage are a big part of road safety. In this program you’ll learn about crossing the road, why we cross the road at certain places and what to do before we cross the road. You’ll also learn about the signs on the road – what they mean and why we need to obey them.

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