Life Stages

Sunnyfield Services

There are different stages throughout our lives where we use different services to develop our skills and meet our needs. Sunnyfield can help you to access services that are appropriate for your life stage and to plan for a smooth transition in the future.

Children & Youth

During childhood families may require additional support from time to time.

  • Flexible respite:  Strengthens families and supports the whole family to take a break in a way that is built  around the interests of the child and the needs of the family. Staff  may come to your house, support you with outings in the community, or you can participate in school holiday programs or camps and trips away.
  • Centre-Based Respite (CBR):  Provides short overnight stays for those over 7 years of age.  We support children at separate times to adults and provide support and activities all year round to help strengthen families and build skills.
  • Behaviour Support: Supporting positive behaviour for children accessing Respite in the Northern Sydney Local Planning area (Northern Beaches Behaviour Intervention Service (NB-BIS).

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Leaving School

Leaving school is an important change in our lives and there are important decisions to be made:

  • Transition to Work: This program supports school leavers to make the transition to young adulthood and a working life. The program is tailored to the individual to include work skills, living skills and team building exercises to increase self-esteem to prepare for getting a job.
  • Community Participation: School leavers who are looking for an alternative to employment may consider attending a day options program with a Community Participation package.  These programs are tailored to your needs and focus on life skills and personal development.

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 Moving out of Home

Sunnyfield can support you in various accommodation options:

  • Living on my own: Move in to independent living by providing drop-in support.   You can live in your own home and receive the amount of support that you require.  We can help you to learn new skills, access the community or many other things such as attending appointments.
  • Living in shared arrangements: Sunnyfield has homes in the community where small groups of people live together and are able to access support 24 hours a day.  Long term placements in a group home are allocated through ADHC.

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Healthy Ageing & Retirement

  • Active ageing: Ageing is an important time in our lives and there are many options available within Sunnyfield’s day option programs.  These programs include elements of community participation, continued skill development, creative pursuits and a focus on leading a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Transitioning to retirement: Talking about growing older and retiring are part of the Sunnyfield planning process.  Some of our loyal supported employees are beginning their journey towards retirement now, and we support all of our clients to begin having these conversations as early as possible.
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