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Identify your employment goals and explore suitable role opportunities and locations.

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Take a site tour, meet our team and get to know your working environment and peers.

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We’ll assist you to coordinate employment documents and discuss your NDIS funding.

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Track your career and NDIS goals and upskill through work-based training opportunities.

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Employment opportunities

Meet Michelle – Assistant Team Leader

Michelle has been working for Sunnyfield since 1986. Starting out in the production team, she quickly proved she was an enthusiastic and dedicated team member always willing to help others. When a new role of Assistant Team Leader was created, Michelle was the obvious choice. Find out what having a job means to Michelle and how her role at Sunnyfield has impacted her life, helping her to achieve her NDIS goals.

The Workplace


A safe work environment

The Workplace


A safe work environment

Sunnyfield Work-based training supported employment

Hone your skills

Work-based training

​Sunnyfield offers a flexible program of work-based training, complementing skills learnt in the workplace and fast-tracking your employment journey with Sunnyfield.

Training can be provided in group and individual settings depending upon your needs, choices and NDIS funding. The learning opportunities will focus on:


Planning and organising

Decision making and problem solving

Communication and personal boundaries


Meet the team

Brands we work with

Have a question about Supported Employment Services?

What days and hours can I work?

Sunnyfield sites operate from 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday. We would like people to work a minimum of 3 full days if they are able to. If you attend other programs during the week, we can be flexible with the days that you work.

How will I get to and from work?

If you are able to get public transport, staff can assist you to identify the best transport routes to your work site. All our work sites are accessible using public transport and a short walk to the site. If you need assistance with transport, you will need to discuss options with your support person or family to make these arrangements. Sunnyfield can provide travel training on request.

How much will I be paid?

Sunnyfield staff will discuss your terms and conditions of employment, including your rate of pay, when you come for the site visit. The amount you will be paid depends on your work skills and previous employment experience. We offer very competitive rates of pay under the Supported Employment Service Award.

What kind of jobs are available at Sunnyfield?

Sunnyfield offers a variety of employment opportunities. You can view all our options under the Employment Opportunities section of our website. Depending on what funding you have for supports in employment, you may also choose to attend our Skills for Work Program to further develop your work-related competencies such as teamwork, punctuality, literacy and numeracy.

What do I need to bring with me when I come for the site tour and interview?


It is not mandatory to bring, but will help us to identify your available supported employment funding and review your NDIS goals so we can find the right role based on your needs and abilities.

Personal Identification

  • Pension and Medicare cards
  • Tax File Number
  • Superannuation details (if you have this set up)

Training Documents

  • Training certificates
  • Employment references

Medical Information & Circle of Support

If you take any medication during the day we will need the details of this medication for your personal records. If someone is supporting you at home or elsewhere in your life, such as a family member, your doctor or an advocate, you should also bring their contact details so we can keep these in your personal records.

Will I be safe in the workplace environment?

Sunnyfield is committed to the safety and wellbeing of our valued clients and staff. Our teams are trained in Work Health and Safety (WHS) with access to a First Aid Officer at each site. The sites are audited regularly for WHS and we are continuously keeping safe work environments in the front of our minds.

Can I experience a day in the life of a Supported Employee at Sunnyfield?

Yes, you may visit our Employment Services sites as a volunteer to experience what it is like to work a day in the life at Sunnyfield Employment Services. Enquire with us today.

What if I’m not ready for employment?

Sunnyfield Employment Services offers a School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) program to support people with disability aged 16+ transition from school to employment.

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