Student & School Leaver Employment Supports


Have you left school?

School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES)

SLES program is designed to support people with disability aged 16+ transition from school to employment. Run 3 days a week over 48 weeks, SLES supports you to understand the responsibilities of being an employee, develop broader skills for life and provide travel training so you can independently get to work.

Vocational Plan

Develop an individual vocational plan, tailored to the supports you need

Skill-based Training

Individual and group skills-based training and development

Career Opportunities

Explore career opportunities through open and supported work placements

Why Sunnyfield

What you’ll learn

Employability Skills

Gain knowledge on the expectations and responsibilities of being an employee. Understand punctuality, workplace behaviour, goal setting and presentation.

Workplace Skills

Deep dive into teamwork, communication, time management, conflict resolution as well as the basics of numeracy and literacy so you can tackle any work task.

Travel Training

You will learn what transports options are available to you and how to safely travel from your home to your workplace with confidence and independence.

Work Experience

Put practice into play. Supported work experience gives you exposure to various work environments and roles, so you’re fully prepared before entering the work force.

Your path to employment starts here

Sunnyfield offers a Work Experience program to schools, colleges and specialist support schools for students with disability in Year 10, 11 and Year 12, aged 16-18 years. Work experience can have a number of benefits for people with disability, allowing them to build skills and display a positive attitude and eagerness to work in either open or supported employment.


Are you still a student?

School Work Experience Program

Sunnyfield’s work experience program is designed to support school students with disability build skills and confidence as they start their journey to employment. Offered on a flexible basis to suit the learning calendar of students, the program supports participants to:

Commercial Environment

Work in a commercial environment on a variety of tasks

Build Responsibilities

Build an understanding of basic workplace practices and responsibilities

Be Mentored

Work alongside a team of experienced co-workers and be mentored in a professional work environment

Employment Pathways

Transition into Sunnyfield School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) program during or at the end of Year 12.

Gain Skills

Work experience opportunities

Have a question about SLES?

What days and hours is the SLES program?

The SLES program runs on 3 consecutive days a week for 48 weeks, usually for 6 hours per day.

Where is the SLES program located?

SLES program is run from our vocational training centres located in various regions and community areas.

How do I access the SLES program?

To access SLES you must be an NDIS participant and have NDIS approval for funding in Finding and Keeping a job (Capacity Building).

Where is the School Work Experience program located?
Our School Work Experience programs are offered at our Allambie Heights, Chatswood and Mt Druitt Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE) sites.
How can I apply for the School Work Experience program?

All schools are directed to register with the Sunnyfield Employment Services – Vocational Services Team Leader.
Three primary documents are required they are as follows:

Additional documentation that may be requested includes:

  • Student Behavioural Management Plan
  • Student Health Plan (medication or physical limitations)
What is the difference between SLES and School Work Experience?

SLES program is for people with disability 16+ who are just about to leave or have left school and wish to gain skills for employment. Our School Work Experience program is for schools with students who wish to attend a Sunnyfield site for work experience.

I’ve finished the SLES program, what’s my next step?

Sunnyfield Employment Services offers Supported Employment opportunities to people with disability 16+.

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