Planning for the future

Sunnyfield Resources

At Sunnyfield we support people to exercise whole-of-life choices, explore their opportunities, build skills and feel valued in their community. It is important that we support people with disabilities and their networks to plan for their future throughout different stages in their life. At Sunnyfield we encourage families to think about these topics during the person centered planning process.

Planning for future support with a person who has a disability is important and there are many things to consider. The earlier that person and their family begin to think and plan, the more familiar everyone will be with the decisions and support strategies. The planning process may be length and daunting at times, here are some ideas for topics to think about:

  • Accommodation & support needs
  • Legal & financial matters
  • Transport & mobility
  • Employment
  • Health care
  • Social needs
  • Maintaining family networks

Whole of life planning should, where appropriate, include the development of wills and estate plans to define how property and any family assets should be distributed.  This may also include the establishment of trusts such as a Special Disability Trust. Powers of Attorney and Guardianship are also important and should be accompanied by emergency care plans and succession planning.

Sunnyfield is not able to assist you with all of the aspects of planning for the future, however we are able to support you with discussing the issues and implementing the plans.

The Australian Government has produced a guide to Planning for the future in many languages, it can be downloaded here