Makeover at Mt Druitt Employment Services


February 24, 2021

From left to right: Joshua, Nicole and Jordan from the Mt Druitt Employment Services team.

Thanks to a major grant awarded to Sunnyfield from the Department of Social Services, we were able to create a new clean room, upgrade our salt filling and packing room and invest in new machinery, creating a wonderful new working environment for 60 supported employees who work at Mt Druitt Employment Services.

Part of the grant was to fund capital works, which has allowed Sunnyfield to increase the scope of jobs we are able to fulfil as well as improve productivity, making Sunnyfield more competitive when pitching for commercial business and creating more jobs for people with disability.

Sunnyfield employees also love working in their new temperature-controlled environment!


If you’d like to know more about Sunnyfield Employment Services, contact our Customer Service Team T 1300 588 688 or E

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