Celebrating 69 years


March 17, 2021

How a local Northern Beaches mum’s vision of a better life for her son, grew into a leading disability service provider.

17 March 2021 marks Sunnyfield’s 69th anniversary. Since its beginnings in 1952, Sunnyfield has gone from strength to strength, growing its community from the small group of mums and dads on the Northern Beaches led by Hazel and Fred Whiddon, to one of the largest disability services providers in NSW today. And we’re proud to continue holding true to the same vision since 1952 – empowering people with disability to have every opportunity to learn, work, make friends, have fun and access the supports they need to live a life of their choosing.

Whilst gatherings continue to be small due to restrictions, it hasn’t stopped our community from celebrating the great milestone. Dulwich Hill and Lilyfield Community Service Hubs collaborated to host a lunch with all staff and clients. The hub’s local Art Therapist created an amazing birthday banner and clients enjoyed taking photos with each other in the photo-booth area.

As we look towards the year ahead, we’re excited about what’s on the horizon for the Sunnyfield communities and the people we serve, with new service developments and programs launching in 2021, including a commitment to making sure young people with disability get the start they need in life. This is already underway with the launch of Supported Play and the Hotshots Vacation Care program.

A tailored and personalised approach is the future for disability accommodation at Sunnyfield. In partnership with a leading property developer, Sunnyfield is developing innovative Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) homes in Sydney, greater NSW and Canberra, with the first new homes being built due for completion later in 2021. Each home will be custom-built for residents, providing them the opportunity to have their input into the personal design and support elements of their new home.

If you’d like to know more about Sunnyfield Disability Services, contact our Customer Service Team T 1300 588 688 or E enquiries@sunnyfield.org.au

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