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St Marys Hub

Tue 2nd April, 2024  –  Fri 28th June, 2024

St Mary’s Hub has just about anything you could possibly need, sitting in the heart of town with shops, cafés, public transport, and the local library just a skip away. The colourful walls are adorned with artwork created by participants over the years, bringing a homely feel to the Hub. You can also find spaces for music, crafts, and cooking or even just a place to sit and enjoy the peace. Whatever a great day means to you, it can happen at St Marys Hub.

Weekdays 9am to 4pm


Manic Mondays

Cooking and Sunny Bunny Care $5
The cooking group is designed to be person centred. Each week clients will take turn in choosing what they would like to cook. The group will then plan the menu, purchase items, prepare, cook the meal, serve and clean-up the work area after. Following a satisfying lunch, we will help look after our bunny that lives at the Hub.

Fitness at The Park $3
Let’s take our workout outdoors and reap the benefits! It exposes you to fresh air, sunlight, and the natural surroundings, enhancing mood, reducing stress, and increasing vitamin D levels. So, let’s head outside, have fun exercising and break the monotony of indoor workouts.

Bowling $7
Let’s bag some strikes and spares at the Bowling alley. Cheer on your mates in a friendly competition with the group while building social and money skills.

Pamper and Relaxation $3
If you like to get your nails painted, hair braided or enjoy a hand massage all while listening to some relaxing tunes, this is the program is for you.

Activity Cost



Terrific Tuesdays

Music, Dance, Drama and Centre Stage Show $3
Your chance to shine! This fun group is aimed at enhancing the wellbeing of people by building confidence, social skills, movement and coordination. Express your creativity and imagination through music and drama and conquer stage fright by performing.

Bowling and Tea in Orchard Hills and Return and Earn $5
Let’s travel by train to the bowling centre and bag some strikes and spares at the Bowling alley. Cheer on your mates in a friendly competition while building social skills. Later, we’ll take our recyclables to the return and earn and collect some money while developing our money skills.

Sunny Events $3
The program is based on a variety of skills. Clients will decide on themes for our Hub events, cooking and helping their peers to celebrate birthdays at the Hub. There will be discussions and talks around social skills to develop our friendships.

Five Sensors and Pen Pals $3
Let’s stimulate our 5 senses by discovering new ways to do sensory activities. Later in the afternoon, let’s keep in touch with our friends at other Hubs by writing them letters.

Activity Cost



Wonderful Wednesdays

BBQ and Tunes at The Park $5
Autumn is the best time to enjoy the outdoors as the temperature is not too cold or hot. Let’s spend a day with a BBQ lunch while listening to your favourite tunes and socialising with your friends in the fresh air.

Bingo $8
Let’s put our money and numbers skills to the test with a game of Bingo! We’ll run our own Bingo at the Hub, up the stakes a notch with some great prizes to be won.

St Mary’s Market Creations $4.00
Put your creative hats on, design and creating affordable products to sell at the market. We’ll build money handling skills, customer service skills and social skills, while learning about community inclusivity.

Activity Cost



Tremendous Thursdays

Art Gallery at The Hub $5
Let’s get our creative and imaginative minds flowing and create amazing art as a group with the help of our talented and creative staff members. Learn basic art skills and techniques needed to build a masterpiece.

Scavenger Hunt by Train
Today, we’ll travel by train to a variety of locations and sharpen our observations skills by participating in a scavenger hunt on our way to the destination and on arrival. Please bring your topped-up opal card and companion card.

Hub Bootcamp/ Car Washing $3
Come use our gym equipment at St Mary’s Hub. Let’s work together as a team to build our health, fitness and wellbeing, while having fun socialising with our peers. Later in the day, we will run our own car wash service for a fun filled sensory experience and to raise money for the Hub.

Fall is in the Air Photography $4
Take in the outdoors this autumn and enjoy some beautiful sceneries. Take some photos of these beautiful spots and friends to serve as memories to include in your brag book at the end of term.

Activity Cost



Fantastic Fridays

Fishing and Exploring $3
It’s time to hook that bait, cast the line and catch some fish. A profound experience to be had, full of anticipation, wrestling with the catch or the disappointment in not catching any.

Cassandra’s on The Park Cafe (Cost varies based on activity)
Each week we’ll explore our local area for good coffee and delicious cake.

Easy Friday Cooking $5
Join us for an easy cooking program to end the week. Each week we’ll take turns choosing a quick and easy recipe for lunch. Make your shopping list, purchase your ingredients and learn preparation and cooking skills. Don’t forget to taste and enjoy your creations after.

Friday Funday Afternoon Dance Party
It’s Friday! Once we have completed our morning programs, let’s all let our hair down and end the week with a dance party.

Activity Cost

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Sunnyfield Hub

St Marys Hub
370 Great Western Highway
St Marys, NSW 2760 Australia
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Age Group
Adults 18+
Western Sydney
Event Information
Transport Available, Activity Costs, Wheelchair Friendly, Centre-Based, Sunnyfield Hub
Weekdays (Monday – Friday)
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Sunnyfield Hub
Suburb Western Sydney
St Marys

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Michael Carroll
Service Manager
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