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Lake Macquarie (Toronto) Hub

Mon 1st November, 2021  –  Fri 28th January, 2022

The Lake Macquarie hub is for enjoying all that life has to offer. Build your social and life skills with cooking classes, work-ready programs, travel training, fitness and nutrition courses, and karate lessons. Set aside some time just for fun too, with fishing clubs, Boyz Nights, workout groups, and loads more social activities like local tours, events, and BBQs. For new friends, you can’t go wrong with Lake Macquarie.

Weekdays 9am to 3pm


Planting to plate and Beleafing in nature

Planting to plate $10
Over the next 12 weeks we will get our hands dirty in the garden and kitchen. We will plant, grow and harvest our own produce, research and develop recipes and a cook book using our interactive smartboard. We will also create some delicious delights each week.

Beleafing in nature
Hear that?? That’s the sound of peace amongst the trees. For the next 12 weeks lets go for a walk along trails and tracks, check out our local spots, enjoy nature and the fresh air, talk about each place, collect souvenirs and complete great art works to take home.

Activity Cost



Water fun and meditation

Water, sun and all things fun  $5
While the days are getting longer and hotter, why not play with all things water? Sprinklers, slides, water guns, water balloons and watering cans to make things even more fun. Let’s make water obstacles and sensory boards to decorate the outdoor space. Other weeks we will head to the ocean baths and outdoor pools to refresh from the hot heat.

Sit back, relax and meditate
We will take time for some relaxation and meditation exercises to help calm and clear the mind, utilise the smartboard for great techniques, make great use of our outside area and take in the fresh air. We will have pamper days and talk about the importance of self-care and self-love and embrace musical therapy and the calmness and meaning behind soothing music.

Activity Cost



Horses and creative wednesdays

Hold your horses $10
We will be heading to the farm for some fresh air and cool breeze. We will learn some great horse therapy skills along the way from brushing, feeding and leading them astray, rather, leading them to the hay.

Creative Wednesdays $10
We will explore, investigate, examine and make new discoveries through various experiences, uncovering the power of our 5 senses – vision, touch, hearing, taste and smell. Sensory experiences, craft and the creative arts will be explored throughout this 12 week program. Not only will these activities be fun and interesting they will allow our brains to make connections to sensory information, learn about the world around us, ourselves and one another.

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Music and animal therapy

Let’s get loud
Let’s grab a coffee and grab some morning tea before going for a walk along the water and back to the hub to make some music. Today is all about moving our bodies to the music, playing different instruments, games and dancing the day away

It’s getting wild $5
Our wildlife Thursday program will be animal-focused giving our friends hands-on engagement with our fluffy, furry, feathered friends. Imagine the delight of petting dogs, watching chickens hatch, visiting wildlife and animal attractions or bringing your pet to Sunnyfield! An activity guaranteed to bring smiles to your faces.

Activity Cost



Fun Friday

TGIF $15
Let’s get out and about and explore our beautiful surroundings in the community and enjoy a well-earned lunch break. Take a stroll through parks, along lakes and beaches, and treat ourselves by buying some lunch out.

Get your game on
Week 1 – We will stay at the hub and utilise the space outside and indoors, try our hands at different skills such as kicking/hitting balls, hoops, Zumba, chair fitness, boxing and obstacle courses.

Week 2 – We can get out to our local park and make great use of the open space, bring the sensory ribbon balls, hoops and other equipment and pack a picnic lunch.

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