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Toronto Hub

Mon 1st April, 2024  –  Fri 28th June, 2024

The Lake Macquarie hub is for enjoying all that life has to offer. Build your social and life skills with cooking classes, work-ready programs, travel training, fitness and nutrition courses, and karate lessons. Set aside some time just for fun too, with fishing clubs, Boyz Nights, workout groups, and loads more social activities like local tours, events, and BBQs. For new friends, you can’t go wrong with Lake Macquarie.

Weekdays 9am to 3pm


Manic Mondays

Rail Carvers $10
Step aboard for rail inspired woodwork. Sawdust will fly and creativity will soar as we transform wood into stunning pieces of railway inspired art.

Green Gardeners
Welcome to our flourishing gardening group where our green thumbs unite to cultivate both plants and bonds with our community. We will visit local community gardens to connect, network and gain inspiration from the community to transform our hub space into a garden oasis.

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Terrific Tuesdays

Power Players $5
Strap on your sneakers and get ready for fitness and sports! It won’t just be about reps and routines, there will be achievements, contagious laughter and energised teamwork activities for all.

Crafting Circle $5
Join our crafting circle, where creativity knows no bounds and every bead, stitch and brushstroke tells a story. Gather with your fellow artisans to create a circle of inspiration, friendship and joy, one craft at a time.

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Wonderful Wednesdays

Sensory Barn $15
Each week, we will be joined by Mel from Sensory Barn who will guide us through a range of sensory activities, games and fun while we explore the world around us and even spend time with some furry little friends.

Skill Forgers
Come check out our skill building group as we embark on a journey of growth and discovery! Whether you’re honing in your skills in activities of everyday living, communication, leadership or creativity, there is something here for everybody.

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Tremendous Thursdays

Gather and Grub $15
Indulge in good company, great food and entertainment. We will explore different shows, cuisines and social events in our community while making new friends and connections.

Sizzle and Spice $10
Embark on a culinary adventure with friends with our kitchen community. Together, we will explore what makes up a recipe, cooking and kitchen skills and create our own cookbook!

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Fantastic Fridays

Riders $10
Named after the OG group who started the Toronto Hub. This is our young group of troublemakers who are out on a Friday to wreck some havoc! We will explore exciting, fast paced activities, build up our friendships and create unforgettable experiences.

Seasoned Squad $10
Join our more seasoned social group where we rediscover the joy of community. We will explore a diverse range of activities tailored to those with more life experience. Come and embrace this exciting new chapter with us!

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Sunnyfield Hub

Toronto Hub
9 Thorne Street
Toronto, NSW 2283 Australia
+ Google Map
Age Group
Adults 18+
Hunter Region
Event Information
Transport Available, Wheelchair Friendly, Centre-Based
Weekdays (Monday – Friday)
Program Type
Sunnyfield Hub
Suburb Hunter Region
Lake Macquarie

Contact Organiser

Tim Conway
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