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Allambie Heights Hub

Mon 5th February, 2024  –  Thu 11th July, 2024

Sydney’s famous beaches are all around the Allambie hub, and it’s no surprise that they’re a big part of life for locals. This is where we love daily activities like bike riding on the local tracks, cooking, photography, yoga, gardening, music, and dance in the beautiful surroundings. Find some quiet time for yourself and your interests in one of the many break-out rooms whenever you feel the need. Then get back in amongst it with social groups, after-school care, weekend adventures, and nights out all to meet new friends and explore the local community.

Weekdays 9am to 3pm


Manic Monday

Outdoor Adventure: Fishing and Photography
Let’s spend the Morning learning how to fish at the fully accessible Mullet Creek. Learn how to tie knots, to read tides, different types of fish and which bait to use. We will also discuss water safety and fishing safety before packing up and heading for lunch. After a lovely lunch our clients will choose a national park or beach for photography. We will find and name local fauna and flora, take a photo, and print it to add to their ‘encyclopedia’ to take home at the end of the year.

Sports Enthusiasts: Bowling and Outdoor Sports
We head down to the local Zone Bowling to knock some pins and have a friendly competition with mates. After, put your sports skills to use at the local parks, PCYCs or beaches before winding down for the afternoon. Choose from basketball, cricket, frisbee, tennis. The choice is yours.

Paint and Brew
We’re heading down to Palm Beach with brushes in hand! Paint the beautiful surroundings on a canvas using a mix of natural elements to create texture and colour. Later, in the afternoon we will gain barista skills by making Aero Press Coffee in the beautiful outdoors.

Microbusiness Mondays and Skills For Life
Have a talent and want to raise some money for the Allambie Hub? Join Microbusiness Mondays where we make anything from jams to terrariums and scarves. In the afternoon we make our way to the skills for life room and learn more about each other. Our likes & dislikes and what makes us unique.

Activity Cost



Terrific Tuesdays

Tour De Friends
Enjoying the beautiful sites of Mona Vale and Castle Cove on our modified bikes is a great way to spend a Tuesday. Whether you’re starting out or a confident rider, it’s a great place to meet friends and enjoy the fresh air.

Clean it Like Beckham
Join Allambie’s car wash service to raise money for our programs. Sponges, hoses and shammys! no matter your ability there is a job for you. In the afternoon we take public transport to meet our peers and participate in our soccer clinic. Here we learn the soccer basics, get our steps up and practice ball safety. Please bring a topped-up opal card.

Sip and Shop $5
Practice money skills while enjoying a fresh brew at the gorgeous Mind Cafe. In the afternoon, we head to Kmart for an essentials shop. We’ll also assist with Hub shopping requirements for the week. Please bring extra money to shop.

Tempo Tuesdays
Today, we’ll celebrate Tempo Tuesdays at the Hub. Let’s start our morning off with some board games. These range from bingo, to connect 4, scrabble, word sleuths and more! Before lunchtime madness we will practice our kitchen skills by making smoothies for our peers. Later, we’ll up the tempo in the afternoon with our drumming circle. From Bongos to percussion, the sound and passion is a great way to end the day.

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Wonderful Wednesday

Sport Seekers
Spend the morning down at the local lawn bowls club. A calming, yet engaging game allows for making new friends in the sunshine. After some lunch at a local park, we’ll engage in a weekly scavenger hunt, take photos or cross them off the list as we go. We’ll continue to follow the theme weekly and enjoy our beautiful surroundings.

Water Lovers $5/$30 per year
This program is for those who loves boats and beaches. Every second week, we enjoy the local Ferry Program and taking in the stunning views. The alternative week we head to Sailability Manly to take on the beautiful water. Later, we will spend the afternoon dipping our toes and walking along beautiful Clareville. Please bring a topped-up opal card.

Worldly Wednesday
We spend the morning cooking and planning delicious meals around the world. Then we head out to our beautiful veggie garden to water the plants and incorporate our vegetables into our fortnightly cooks. We discuss where, in the world we can grow certain vegetables, plants and the different ecosystems. This afternoon is our music program where we play and groove to international music with our talented staff members.

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Tremendous Thursday

Animal Lovers
Clients head down to the serene paddocks and stables this morning to meet the beautiful horses. We assist with feeding, washing and safely working with horses. We’ll also run obstacle courses and do themed days. In the afternoon, our small animal program includes spending time in the stables with rabbits, dogs, chickens and building confidence around the horses.

Water Lovers
Spend the morning gaining swimming skills and splashing with friends. Swimming laps or wading in the pool. You’re bound to have a fun time. Later, we’ll head down to Clareville in the afternoon to get our steps up along the gorgeous shoreline.

We head to our local Return and Earn to hand in our donated bottles and cans in exchange for money to help fund Hub programs. Later, we’ll head to a park or beach to collect rubbish and protect our environment. Before heading back for the day we practice our money skills doing essential weekly shopping for the Hub.

Tactile Thursdays
We start the day with our clay program which is an enjoyable sensory explosion. Working together to make pieces of art to decorate our Hubs or presents for our loved ones, by shaping our clay, firing and glazing. Shortly after, we’ll be joined by our therapy dog, Baxter, who shows us tricks, attention and love! We’ll spend the afternoon with fun sensory science experiments full of impressive smells, sounds, colours and chemical reactions. It’s a load of laughs and giggles.

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Fantastic Fridays

Outdoor Adventurers
Before heading out for the day we’ll ensure that all supplies are packed for our BBQ at the park. Our first stop is the local Liberty Swings for the morning! We’ll head to the local park and begin preparing our BBQ after. We will also practice safe food handling and cooking skills as we prepare lunch together. Spend the afternoon playing games and socialising.

Market Marvels
Let’s head to Narrabeen markets to explore all the stalls and pick our favourite or most intriguing foods to try! This experience will help expand our pallets and request new foods for our cooking programs.

Walking on Sunshine
Picking a local hiking trail and embark on a sunny walk. A well-deserved lunch break surrounded by scenery. After resting our legs, we’ll take a leisurely stroll at Manly Beach to see the buzzing atmosphere and end the week on a great note.

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Allambie Heights Hub
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Allambie Heights, NSW 2100 Australia
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Northern Sydney
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Allambie Heights

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