Sunnyfield and Ricoh Celebrate 18 Years of Supporting People With Disability

For 18 years, Sunnyfield and Ricoh’s partnership has made a significant difference in the lives of people with disability. It has been a formidable and all-encompassing union, with Ricoh providing over $1 million in donations, hundreds of volunteer hours and assistance to a number of ventures which aid Sunnyfield clients in living an independent and fulfilling life.

Ricoh’s support has enabled Sunnyfield to improve facilities and services across the organisation, including the construction of an Employment and Training facility at Allambie. The development of this facility has enabled Sunnyfield to provide practical based training programs that educate and assist with skill development and importantly, provide employment for people with disability.
Ricoh has also supported Sunnyfield through ongoing volunteer work; providing assistance, support and friendship for many of Sunnyfield’s clients. Ricoh employees have shown great enthusiasm for the successful Buddy Program which benefits clients at the Frenchs Forest Day Options Centre. This program has promoted inclusion and allowed Ricoh staff and Sunnyfield clients the opportunity to share common interests and develop strong friendships.

This partnership with Ricoh has contributed to a better quality of life for Sunnyfield clients through improved services and facilities, meaningful employment and community integration. The relationship has developed a strong and mutually beneficial partnership between the two organisations promoting community minded principals of true inclusion, participation and equality.
“Ricoh has touched the lives of many Sunnyfield clients over the past 18 years. It is with the support of organisations like Ricoh that we are able to assist people with disability to gain opportunities that they may not have normally access to. The long and lasting partnership has demonstrated a community minded relationship and has promoted the true meaning of acceptance and social inclusion. We want to thank Ricoh for their continued support of Sunnyfield and helping to enrich the lives of those with disability.” Caroline Cuddihy CEO.

“Ricoh is proud of its long history with Sunnyfield and we are pleased to see that our support has had a direct impact on people living with disability who are some of the most vulnerable in our community. Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of Ricoh’s business and we look forward to continuing our support of Sunnyfield.” John Hall, Managing Director – Ricoh