Revised brand for Sunnyfield

In preparation for the National Disability Insurance Scheme and a future where Disability Support Service providers need to market themselves to clients, Sunnyfield has launched an updated logo.

The revised logo provides Sunnyfield with an easily identifiable image that conveys our mission to enrich the lives of people with disability, and shows what we stand for—putting clients first, to achieve their chosen outcomes.

The logo has been developed in consultation with clients, staff and the Board.  The new tree symbol represents Sunnyfield’s long standing history  of community, family and staff teamwork and experienced support.

The revitalised branding is being gradually introduced cost effectively as items are needing to be replaced, with a new website soon to be launched, replacement signage at Allambie and gradually across our regional sites and as needed re-designed flyers and brochures.

Sunnyfield are very excited about this updated look and the fresh, invigorating future that is ahead.

The multi-coloured leaves: represent the wide range of services and support provided by Sunnyfield to enable our clients to tap into community opportunities to grow and live an enriched life.

The client: is at the centre of Sunnyfield and is reaching upwards, representing our client being supported to reach their potential.

Top of the trunk: the two people each side represent Sunnyfield families, carers, staff and the community who provide support.

Base of the trunk: represents our strong foundations, support of Members, the Board, our Corporate Governance and Constitution.

Please contact Marketing at if you would like more information on the brand and its usage.