New Technology Benefits Clients

“My name is Craig and I would like to talk about my iPad. I bought my iPad in 2013 and I keep it very clean and safe. It goes everywhere with me.

I love using the camera and I am very good at taking photos and videos. This is one of my photos:

Craig And His iPad - whale

There are many things I like to do on the iPad. I look up the weather every day and take a screen shot so that I can keep a record of it. I love Google Earth. People at Sunnyfield help me look up interesting places around the world – I looked up the Collosseum.

Craig And His iPad colloseum

My favourite application is Pictello. I take lots of photos and videos. I did this presentation on Pictello and showed it at the Manager’s Forum. I was very nervous to show it. I love my iPad. Thanks for reading my story.”

Author – Craig