The Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability (DRC) has been running for over two years. As one of the sectors leading service providers, Sunnyfield has an important role to play in supporting the DRC. This is an opportunity for people with disability and others to have their experiences formally acknowledged and any instances of abuse or neglect heard and investigated. This in turn can assist positive change and help shape the future of the disability service system under the NDIS.

Sunnyfield has been called on to participate in the DRC by appearing at the forthcoming Public Hearing 13 – Preventing and responding to violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation in disability services (a Case Study) – scheduled to run from 24 May 2021 to 28 May 2021. Sunnyfield is cooperating with the DRC’s important work, while ensuring we continue to provide quality support to the people with disability who choose our services.

Caroline Cuddihy, Sunnyfield CEO

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