Canberra gets creative in the Drawing Club

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June 21, 2021

New art program for people with disability

“Art is the expression of the profoundest thoughts in the simplest way.” Albert Einstein.

Art provides people with disability the opportunity to create something uniquely their own, which is empowering. Sunnyfield ran a Drawing Club for people with disability in Canberra to support clients to express and better communicate themselves.

The Drawing Club in action

Over six weeks, clients explored drawing using pencils and charcoal with local artist Genevieve Swifte. Each client worked on their own masterpiece. Throughout the program, clients opened up as they connected with their inspirations and discovered different art forms. One client, who started shy, had a breakthrough in week 3 when she made a still life drawing inspired by her love of cafes, coffee and scones with jam and cream.


Adapting activities to each participant’s needs

One client in the first class “expressed an interest in making jewellery. So in the next class, I showed her how to make beads from paper that can be drawn on, either before or after they’ve been rolled,” said Genevieve. “Something she can incorporate into the beading and jewellery making at home. She can create painstakingly delicate work and is deeply engaged.”

Images of participants’ works will be coming soon! Stay tuned.


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