Success starts with Support Coordination


August 18, 2021

Success starts with Support Coordination

Having access to the right NDIS supports

David and Clarice are husband and wife and both have hearing impairments. Their NDIS plans didn’t have enough funding to access the interpreting services and assistive technology they required to live independently, leaving them feeling alienated from their community. After taking up Support Coordination services with Sunnyfield, their Support Coordinator, Phil, sought to have their plans reviewed, and explored the use of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) methods where possible in place of interpreters. During their meetings, Clarice left David to do all the communication as she didn’t feel confident in her ability to communicate herself.

Exercising choice and control over an NDIS plan

The review was successful with David and Clarice receiving a substantial increase in the funding necessary for their required support services. Clarice has begun working with a Speech Pathologist and has showed enormous improvements in her pronunciation, increasing her confidence. She is now communicating for herself in their Support Coordination meetings, discussing what she wants and why effectively. They have also engaged with a Support Worker to assist with their daughter, feeling confident to do small things like homework.

Phil also acquired funding for iPads for AAC use, as well as the installation of a video alarm bell system for their home and reverse camera for their car. This has helped David and Clarice feel self-assured in accessing the community and safe in their home.

In addition, Phil worked with Kathryn, David’s sister whom they live with. Kathryn, diagnosed with Down syndrome, has increasing needs and the question of moving her into Supported Living was discussed. Unanimously the family preferred to remain living together, so Phil worked towards option b – drop-in support. Kathryn’s plan was successfully reviewed, securing the additional drop-in support funding, allowing her to maintain her independence and continue living together with David and Clarice.

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