Meet Amy

January 4, 2019

Amy has been enjoying her time at Sunnyfield since starting in July 2018. Between cooking, sailing, grocery shopping and writing stories her most precious moment has been building new friendships at the Tweed Heads Community Services Hub.

“My favourite thing is just coming in and hanging out with my friends, I have made lots of new friends here, we play games together like Uno and handball.”

Amy has been honing her cooking skills by preparing healthy meals and saving the recipes to take home. “We cook lots of different things, last week we made Buddha bowls, with sweet potato, rice, peas and carrots. My favourite thing is tasting the food at the end.”

Amy has also been participating in the social skills program. “Whenever I feel like I need to talk to somebody I can just go and ask. We have learnt how to talk to others not just with words but with pictures and hand signals.“ Amy also has big plans for the future, aiming to increase her travel skills and get a paid job.

”I would like to learn to catch the bus so I can go to different places. My dream is to work at Movie World and be dressed in the costumes.”

For Amy this is just the beginning and we are looking forward to watching her achieve all her dreams.

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