Ian gets his stride back

July 26, 2018

For Ian, Parramatta Community Services Hub has been a place to go and be himself. “It’s like a second home for me, I feel understood and I like coming here.”

This year, Ian set himself goals of expanding his independence and increasing his social interaction in the community. Together with his Support Worker Malcom, Ian has found his place in the world again, feeling more confident and engaging in regular weekly activities.

“We do my banking, we get out and go shopping, we talk about movies, music, Slim Dusty and ACDC.” Malcom, Support Worker.

Ian and Malcom share a bond that is based on understanding and reassurance, having someone alongside him to provide encouragement and support has boosted his belief in his own abilities.

Ian has also been focusing on his fitness with daily walks, and recently joined the Men’s BBQ club, each Friday the boys fire up the BBQ and enjoy a shared social meal in Parramatta Parklands.

Ian is steadily working towards his goals and getting his confidence back, these small steps are making a huge difference in his life.

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