Congratulations Sharon; 2022 Most Outstanding Support Worker

November 16, 2022

We pride ourselves on providing excellence in service for all clients and customers that choose and trust Sunnyfield’s services. Besides seeing clients achieve new heights and kick goals, what makes us feel like proud parents are when our Support Workers receive the recognition they deserve.

We’re thrilled to announce that Sharon Moore has won the Most Outstanding Support Worker award at the Australian Disability Service Awards. Sharon is an integral part of the Tamworth Community Service’s team, working every afternoon and evening, supporting clients with their daily routines.

A client nominated Sharon, whom she works with regularly, describing Sharon as “a natural, caring personality, providing support with empathy, patience, and understanding.” When asked to share a success story about Sharon, the client shared her anecdote;

“Sharon has been my Disability Support Worker for nearly two years, and I am very fortunate to have her as my Primary Carer. During this time, we have worked together to improve my living situation and incorporate new ideas into my daily life. 

In early 2021 I was hospitalised for 4 months, and upon discharge, I was so weak I couldn’t stand or walk. Once home, I was totally bedbound & sank into the depths of depression. It was then that I met Sharon, and she was such a gentle carer that my health slowly began to improve. Working on my physical health also helped my mental health, and with much encouragement, I began to see small improvements in both. 

While I still mourn the loss of my mobility, our one small step-at-a-time approach has meant that I can now walk nearly 5 metres using a walker & spend about 6 hours/day out of bed in my wheelchair. Sharon has given me the strength to keep going, and with her support, I think things can only get better.”

On Wednesday, 9th November 2022, Sharon attended the award ceremony at the Gold Coast Convention Centre where she was announced as the winner. Sharon said she is still in disbelief over the win, for what she says is “just doing [her] job.” A huge congratulations to Sharon on her achievement. What a fantastic honour and recognition that is very well-deserved.


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