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Orchard Hills Hub

Wed 1st July, 2020  –  Thu 31st December, 2020

The Orchard Hills hub means picturesque vistas with rolling hills and gorgeous sunshine, the perfect backdrop for new friends and new experiences. Have some fun learning a recipe or two with cooking groups at the onsite community café, party it up with music and dancing or local trips in the community, or simply get to know the local animals including the hub’s star, Winston the bulldog. Orchard Hills really is the place to explore every day.

Weekdays 9am to 3pm


Cooking, Fitness & Bingo

Cooking $8
Enjoy making healthy meals for you and your peers for lunch.

Fitness $5
Let’s hit the gym and do some light exercises to build our fitness.

Bingo $3
We’ll run our own BINGO at the hub and take the stakes a notch higher.

Activity Cost



Cafe, Movie Making & Karaoke

Cafe $5
We’ll spend time at the in-house cafe at Orchard Hills and build on our skills to brew mean beverages.

Movie Making $2
Time to bring out our creative minds and make fun movies.

It’s sing-along time at Orchard Hills as we kick up great fun with our friends.

Activity Cost



Photography & Junk to Funk

Photography $3
We’ll all turn pros today learning some cool tricks in photography

Junk to Funk $2
In this activity, we do our bit to improve our planet by utilising junk to make useful and funky items.

Admin Group
This group is all about organising ourselves better. We learn to oversee the administration of different initiatives.

Activity Cost



Arts & Crafts and Skills for Life

Arts & Crafts $5
Come and create exciting art and crafts as a group project, you’ll create a wonderful masterpiece that can be entered into local art shows and competitions.

Skills for Life $2
This is a cool program where some of the skills we learn include – Planning a Menu, Following a Recipe, Road Safety, Travel, Numeracy & Literacy, and Budgeting.

Adventure Walk
We do interesting bushwalks and treks and spice up our adventures.

Activity Cost



Gardening, Sewing & Science Group

Animal Care & Gardening $5
We’ll do a fun gardening session and learn everything about growing all things green.

Sewing $5
This program is designed to bring participants together for social interaction and fun, participants will learn to develop their skills around all aspects of sewing.

Science Group $4
Experience a new science experiment each week.

Activity Cost

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Sunnyfield Hub

Orchard Hills Hub
30 Caddens Road
Orchard Hills, NSW 2748 Australia
+ Google Map
Age Group
Adults 18+
Western Sydney
Event Information
Transport Available, Activity Costs, Wheelchair Friendly, Centre-Based, Sunnyfield Hub
Weekdays (Monday – Friday)
Program Type
Sunnyfield Hub

Contact Organiser

Toni Osaghae
Service Manager