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Orchard Hills Hub

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Mon 8th January, 2024  –  Fri 29th March, 2024

The Orchard Hills hub means picturesque vistas with rolling hills and gorgeous sunshine, the perfect backdrop for new friends and new experiences. Have some fun learning a recipe or two with cooking groups at the onsite community café, party it up with music and dancing or local trips in the community, or simply get to know the local animals including the hub’s star, Winston the bulldog. Orchard Hills really is the place to explore every day.

Weekdays 9am to 3pm


Manic Mondays

Caddens Cooking Class with Carolyn $10
Enjoy making healthy meals for you and your peers for lunch at the cooking class with Carolyn.

Fitness and Health with Jarga $5
Let’s get our bodies moving and adrenaline pumping with Jarga to stay fit.

Admin Group with Denise
You’ll learn about time management, organisational skills and help coordinate the administration duties of upcoming initiatives or events.

Activity Cost



Terrific Tuesdays

Doodly Doos Cafe’ with Sanjeela $5
We’ll spend some quality time at the in-house café at Orchard Hills mingling and having a slice of delicious cake and drink.

Karaoke with Sheila
It’s sing-along time at Orchard Hills as we kick up great fun with Sheila and friends.

Walking Group with Bashudha
Grab your walking shoes and let’s get our steps in. We will pick a track and hit the ground while also getting some much-needed exercise.

Activity Cost



Wonderful Wednesdays

Creative Arts With Jennifer at St Marys $5
Let’s get crafty and create exciting art projects and sew in beautiful patterns.

Caddens Bingo With Elisa $5
We’ll run our own BINGO at the Hub and take the stakes a notch higher with Elisa.

Penpals with Guildford
Enjoy making new friends with clients at our other Sunnyfield Hubs in the Pen Pal program

Adventure Group with Tricia
Let’s go explore! Visit a variety of landmarks and locations around Sydney and make memories. Please bring a topped up opal card.

Champaign Wednesday $32
Warm up your pipes for a live singing session at the Workers Club on the last Wednesday of every month.

Activity Cost



Tremendous Thursdays

Agriculture with Joanne $4
We’ll build our agricultural skills, learning about feeding animals, cleaning cages and upkeep of veggie patches with Joanne.

Swimming with Marnie $7
It’s time to pull out the swimmers, grab your sun block and dive into the water. Please bring your swimmers, towel and sunscreen.

Boxing with Becca $4
Put on your gloves and learn to jab and weave with Bec.

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Fantastic Fridays

Walking Group with Arjun
Grab your walking shoes and let’s get our steps in. We will pick a track and hit the ground while also getting some much-needed exercise.

Meals on Wheels with Ron
Let’s help the Meals on Wheels team by picking up the readymade meals and delivering them to the elderly and disabled.

Sausage Sizzle at Guildford Hub with Melanie $7
It’s Friday! Let’s kick back and have a sausage sizzle over some music with our mates at the Guildford Hub.

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Sunnyfield Hub

Orchard Hills Hub
30 Caddens Road
Orchard Hills, NSW 2748 Australia
+ Google Map
Age Group
Adults 18+
Western Sydney
Event Information
Transport Available, Activity Costs, Wheelchair Friendly, Centre-Based, Sunnyfield Hub
Weekdays (Monday – Friday)
Program Type
Sunnyfield Hub
Suburb Western Sydney
Orchard Hills

Contact Organiser

Monica Coady
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