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Maitland Hub

Mon 1st June, 2020  –  Sun 31st January, 2021

Sitting right next to the CBD the Maitland hub is perfect for making new friends and having lots of fun together. The hub itself is a gorgeous outdoor space with veggie patches and a pergola, a computer lab, and great choices of break-out and relaxation spaces to suit any mood. Daily activities range from Skills for Life programs to sports and fitness, bowling, and literacy. Get out and about with a long-running Ladies Day program that runs every Friday and social group programs for youth that run through weekdays.

Weekdays 9am to 3pm


Back-to-Basics and Eco-Heroes

Back-to-Basics $8
A break means we can start afresh again! So let’s bring up an old idea of Back-to-Basics cooking. We’ll learn how to prepare and cook a few basic meals, then we’ll use those skills to take things up a notch and create some crafty treats.

It’s time to rise again! We’ve had a break but now we need you! The gardens have grown wild, the recycling has piled up! Let’s get back into it, learning and fun rolled in one!

Activity Cost



Scrapbooking & Sports Squad

Sunnyfield Scrapbookers $5
Want to be creative and look back at awesome memories! Then scrapbooking is for you! Let’s create scrapbooks with great memories from our days here at Sunnyfield!

Sports Squad Tuesday $5
Let’s get the SF squad training again! We’ll head to the local park and re-learn the ball skills that have got rusty over time! Get on the squad as we practice soccer, basketball, cricket and more!

Activity Cost



Workout and Fishing Club

Workout Wednesday $5
We’ve had a break, but now it’s time to get moving again! Join us for our Workout Wednesday! Boxing, Bongo Fit, circuit training, and more! Plus we may even look into making easy but healthy wraps/sandwiches!

Fishing Club $5
Join our weekly fishing club, you’ll learn how to cast, bait, and rig. Then we’ll explore the ideal fishing hot spot and catch some fish.

Activity Cost



Happy Snappers and Pinterest Pals

Happy Snappers
Our Photography Club will be keeping active, exploring walking trails whilst learning to take photos. Then we’ll head back to the hub to get creative with our scrapbooks.

Pinterest Pals $5
The Pinterest Pals put their creative minds together on projects they can together, as well as projects for our hub.

Activity Cost



End of week adventures

Fridays we’ll keep it mixed up. Each week we will look at engaging in some new adventures or exploring new places, while also visiting some old favourites we know and love! Please check the monthly calendar for prices, it varies for each activity.

Activity Cost

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Sunnyfield Hub

Maitland Hub
98 High Street
Maitland, NSW 2320 Australia
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Age Group
Adults 18+
Hunter Region
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Transport Available, Activity Costs, Wheelchair Friendly, Centre-Based, Sunnyfield Hub
Weekdays (Monday – Friday)
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Sunnyfield Hub

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Michelle Hammond
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