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Lake Macquarie (Teralba) Hub

Mon 4th March, 2024  –  Fri 28th June, 2024

The Lake Macquarie hub is for enjoying all that life has to offer. Build your social and life skills with cooking classes, work-ready programs, travel training, fitness and nutrition courses, and karate lessons. Set aside some time just for fun too, with fishing clubs, Boyz Nights, workout groups, and loads more social activities like local tours, events, and BBQs. For new friends, you can’t go wrong with Lake Macquarie.

Weekdays 9am to 3pm


Manic Mondays

Heartful Connections
This is a fantastic way to give back to the community. Why not help create a warm and welcoming environment at a local aged care facility by assisting with daily activities etc. What a beautiful opportunity to make a difference in their lives and bring a smile to their faces.

Fantastical Brews
Step into the community where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee dances in the air. We will go to our local area and get to know our neibhours better whilst taking their orders for a fresh cup of coffee or tea. We will deliver outstanding customer service and a hot cup of coffee in partnership with a cafe’ shop.

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Terrific Tuesdays

Bake it Till You Make it $10
Whether you’re whipping up a batch of chocolate chip cookies or mouth-watering cakes, the key is to have confidence and embrace the process. As you mix together the ingredients and slide your creations into the oven, the anticipation builds and so does your skill. The sweet aroma fills the kitchen, and you can’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment.

Skills For Life – Teralba’s Delightful Kitchen $10
Get Ready for some kitchen chaos that will leave you in stitches! From mixing up ingredients to accidently setting off the smoke alarms, there is never a dull moment in Teralba’s delightful kitchen. Amidst the madness, you’ll also find mouth-watering recipes, delightful surprises and heart-warming moments that make it all worth it.

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Wonderful Wednesdays

Sensory Barn Shenanigans $15
Sight, sound, taste, touch and smell! These senses help you to experience what this program is going to be all about. We will get out of our comfort zones and engage in activities that get all of our senses moving and stimulated, whilst also getting a visit from our little rabbit friend!

Handcrafters Haven $10
We all have an artistic impulse hidden in us! These talents and impulses nurture our soul and help us create beautiful pieces of art, whether it is music, stories or drawings, we should show cases our talents. It is a wonderful way to express yourself and let your imagination SOAR!

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Tremendous Thursdays

Carve and Create $10
Its back by popular demand! From crafting intricate furniture pieces to carving delicate sculptures, woodworking allows you to bring your vision to life. It’s a blend of precision, creativity and patience.

Recycling Rangers
Our recycling program is going to be hitting the ground and running. Recycling helps conserve natural resources, reduces pollution and saves energy, while helping us connect with our locals and neighbouring suburbs. We’ll pick up recycling, sort them and return and earn. So, let’s keep the recycling train rolling and make the world a greener place.

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Fantastic Fridays

Boxing with Brian $10
Boxing is an incredible sport that combines strength, skill, and strategy. It’s all about the art of throwing punches, dodging and weaving. When you step into that hall, it’s like entering into a whole new dimension. It’s a test of courage, resilience and determination. Let’s lace up those gloves and get ready to throw some knockout punches!

Teralba’s Sun, Sand and Sweat Fun Run
It’s all about racing along the sandy shores, feeling the ocean breeze and having a blast with our friends! Picture a lively atmosphere, colourful beach flags and the sound of cheering as we dash towards the finish line and the sense of accomplishment. We can do whatever we set our minds to!

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Sunnyfield Hub

Lake Macquarie Hub
59 William St
Teralba, NSW 2284 Australia
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Age Group
Adults 18+
Hunter Region
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Transport Available, Wheelchair Friendly, Centre-Based
Weekdays (Monday – Friday)
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Sunnyfield Hub
Suburb Hunter Region
Lake Macquarie

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Lisa McGrath
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