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Guildford Hub

Sat 1st May, 2021  –  Tue 31st August, 2021

The Guildford hub is surrounded by parklands just waiting for you to have a kick or a hit in. It’s also the perfect place to learn some gardening skills with new friends in a relaxed and peaceful environment. Social outings include trips to the museum, sports and outdoor activities, scrapbooking, and cooking, while the Skills For Life program on-site helps you get more out of every day.

Weekdays 9am to 3pm


Arts, shopping and yoga

Arts and crafts $2
Let’s get crafty and create exciting art projects as a group, we’ll also enter our wonderful masterpiece into local art shows and competitions.

Shopping $5
We’ll head to the local market to shop for our cooking program tomorrow.

Time to touch your soul with some yoga.

Activity Cost



Cooking, gardening and bowling

We’ll learn how to Follow a Recipe and measure ingredients to create a delicious treat in the kitchen.

Gardening $2
We’ll do a fun gardening session and learn everything about growing all things green.

Bowling $7
We’ll head to the nearby bowling centre for a game of ten pins.

Activity Cost



Music, dance and aqua golf

Music and dance
A fun session to sing and groove to the latest tunes.

Technology $2
Time to take out the iPads and keep up with the latest in technology.

Aqua golf $7
Time to show off your tee-off skills as we head for a session of aqua golf.

Activity Cost



Card making and fitness

Bowling $7
We’ll head to the nearby bowling centre for a game of ten pins.

Sensory beauty $2
We’ll stimulate your senses with a sensory beauty session.

Gym and fitness $2
Time to hit the gym for some light exercises and a workout.

Activity Cost



Disco and movies

BBQ and disco $5
It’s time to disco and enjoy a BBQ with our peers.

Movies $2
We’ll catch up with mates to watch a movie.

Tovertafel is an interactive ‘projector’ that uses light, colour, and music to stimulate, physical, social, and cognitive activity.

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Sunnyfield Hub

Guildford Hub
25 Byron Road
Guildford, NSW 2161 Australia
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Age Group
Adults 18+
Western Sydney
Event Information
Transport Available, Activity Costs, Wheelchair Friendly, Skills for Life, Centre-Based, Sunnyfield Hub
Weekdays (Monday – Friday)
Program Type
Sunnyfield Hub

Contact Organiser

Cynthia Silvey
Service Manager
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