How will Compass benefit me?

May 26, 2022

You heard about some of the benefits of Compass for Community Support Workers, Employment Support Officers and Support Coordinators earlier this week. Today we look at how Compass will support a more efficient workflow for some of our service delivery managers, reducing the amount of manual effort required for admin tasks.

Service Managers

Quick and easy access to available client funding in their service agreement, so you can make sure they have access to the best quality and value of services.

New service agreements will be signed electronically, reducing the need for printing and scanning.

Monthly KPI data will come directly from Compass, so you won’t need to create manual reports.

You will also have access to dashboards and reports, which means less email clutter and more time spent building new and existing client relationships.

STA Service Managers

You will be able to provide better customer service to clients using the new bed waitlist system. You can see all beds and vacancies across all Sunnyfield sites. As a bed becomes available, you can notify the client and ensure their needs are met.

Service Coordinators

Medication management is going digital, with medication routines and observations all recorded in Compass. This will make your role easier, keep clients safe, and free up your time from filling in forms to be able to provide quality service delivery.

Regional Managers

A lot of your time is spent on paper-based processes and internal approvals. With Compass, there will be a digitised approval workflow and signatures will be completed electronically which will free up your time to focus on client service delivery.

With access to all client information and Sunnyfield services in one centralised system, you will have the data readily available as you support the services to provide positive client and customer outcomes.

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