Western Sydney Service Trials

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Meet new mates

Meet new peers with similar interests and build friendships.

Music & dance

Bust some moves on the dance floor or sing the day away to your favourite tunes.

Sports & fitness

Head to the gym, learn how to swim, shoot some hoops or get bowling.

Hobbies & interests

Make a movie, study drama, try your hands at gardening or photography.

Skills for Life

Learn about Road Safety, Budgeting, Numeracy, or Cooking.

Arts & crafts

Get crafty, create a scrapbook, build your talents, and explore the arts.


Orchard Hills Hub

Orchard Hills Community Services Hub is picture-perfect, with rolling hills and a homely environment this is the place to meet new friends and try new things. Join our onsite community café and cooking group serving up tasty treats, feed and care for the animals. Meet Winston the hub’s very own bulldog or enjoy music and dancing and local trips in your community.

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