Tony Gets A Taste Of Life Under The NDIS

March 14, 2017

Every morning you’ll see Tony with one of his favourite local coffees in hand, enjoying his beloved daily routine. Tony is well known in his local area of Allambie and loves chatting and sharing his day with other residents and café-goers.

Tony’s NDIS ‘My First Plan’ means he will now receive the support he needs to further increase his independence and learn additional life skills.

Tony enjoys being helpful and lending a hand, so he has chosen in his NDIS ‘My First Plan’ to focus on supporting these goals.

With individual support from Sunnyfield staff, Tony wants to learn living skills so he can further contribute to the daily running of his home. Tony loves getting out in the community and one of his aims is to develop his social skills.

Tony will have more opportunities to interact with others in the community in a safe and enjoyable way.

Family is also very important to Tony and he plans to continue having an active family life and maintain these important relationships.

Things are looking up for Tony’s year ahead!

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