Osman’s Place to Call Home

November 24, 2017

Osman, along with four of his friends recently moved in to a brand new purpose-built home in Western Sydney. With funding received, Sunnyfield was able to set up a beautiful new place to call home for five people with disability.

At home, Osman loves to enjoy a cup of coffee with his housemates at his new dining table and he loves to get involved in meal preparation time by reading out recipe instructions. Osman is also a keen fan of Jurassic Park, which he loves to watch on his new television, and has decked out his new room in a dinosaur theme.

“Not only does he feel at home, but he also feels like a part of his new community.”

Osman is an active member of his community and loves going on regular trips to the park, shops, bowling and the local cinema. His family is very important to him and his favourite trip of all is visiting them every Saturday.

“It’s been amazing to watch Osman’s quality of life increase” says Jackie, Service Coordinator at Osman’s home. “He is very settled, very happy and is loving life. Not only does he feel at home, but he also feels like a part of his new community.”

Over 200 people with disability live in shared independent living homes with support from Sunnyfield, however funding under the National Disability Insurance Scheme does not provide for setting up or furnishing a home.

Beds, lounges, fridges, washing machines, and other household goods must be purchased by families and guardians. Many families struggle to meet this extra financial demand.

Please consider those families at this time of year and include Sunnyfield in your Christmas gift list with a tax-deductible donation today.

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