Hayley’s natural customer service skills shine

Hayley on the left and her Support Worker Beckie on the right.

December 13, 2019

Hayley’s natural customer service skills shine as she explores her career options and completes her RSA.

Hayley has big plans for her future career having just completed her Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate and getting lots of work experience at her local Best and Less and corner store.“I just finished my RSA, I saw a girl working behind the bar and I thought I can do that, it was a three day course and I want to work in the club at the bar.”

Hayley’s outgoing, fun and friendly personality has seen her naturally take to the customer service roles.“I love meeting new people and serving the customers, I always greet them with a big smile.” Hayley is excited to explore her career options and find out what she is passionate about “I am trying lots of things and I would love to work with animals one day and at the local club.”

With natural talent Hayley is sure to succeed at whatever she sets her mind too.

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