Guildford Community Services Hub’s kitchen rules

Cooking program in Guildford kitchen

August 24, 2018

Minister for Fairfield, Mr Guy Zangari donned an apron and joined in on a cooking class at Guildford Community Services Hub this week. The Minister was invited by clients and Sunnyfield staff so they could thank him in person after being awarded a $26,900 grant to upgrade their kitchen facility.

“This is a wonderful facility and it was great to see Sunnyfield clients developing their cooking skills in a safe and well equipped environment.” Mr Guy Zangari, Member for Fairfield.

The grant came to fruition through the Community Building Partnership Grants program, established to support charities to deliver better services in their local community and to increase community participation. This cooking program forms part of Sunnyfield’s Skills For Life modules, run across all Sunnyfield Community Services Hubs. Clients have embraced the new kitchen with open arms and are excited to develop their cooking skills using the upgraded infrastructure.

Skills For Life

If you are interested in Skills For Life, start the conversation today and contact our friendly Client Engagement Team on 1300 588 688 or click the button below for more information.

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