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Gardening at Sunnyfield shared living home

May 29, 2016

Through funds raised from Active August, we were delighted to plant a new vegetable garden at Sunnyfield’s group home, Apache, on the Northern Beaches. Meet Adam who is one of our Apache residents. He loves the daily routine of tending to the garden and enjoying the sunshine while doing it.

The residents have been thrilled to be involved throughout the entire process, from spending hours at Bunnings choosing the right tools and materials, to constructing the garden and maintaining it. The garden is delicious and nutritious with corn, passion fruit, snow peas, lettuce, herbs and strawberries already planted. The residents enjoy the different smells, tastes, and textures from the various plants been grown and the garden has been invaluable in assisting with building skills and knowledge around food growing and nutrition.

Gardening has also become an activity for social interaction as well as exercise, with residents participating in the ongoing tasks of watering, planting, picking and digging. All this has gone a long way in making the house a home and Jemma Jones, their residential support worker, has remarked on the overall improved communication, atmosphere, and confidence in Apache house.

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