Bullhorn and Sunnyfield join forces in corporate partnership

August 2, 2019

Bullhorn is a Sunnyfield corporate partner who have recently engaged with us through fundraising and volunteer initiatives. In a recent blog published by Bullhorn they share the many positive experiences they have gained throughout this partnership. Corporate partnerships provide fundraising and volunteer opportunities as well as a platform to build friendships, relationships and to break down the barriers and stigma often associated with disability.

Aneliese Hynes, Bullhorn’s Senior Marketing Manager, gives some insight into how they became our partner of choice, ‘Sunnyfield’s online presence stood out to us due to the amazing engagement that they have with the community. Donna Taanman, Sunnyfield’s Fundraising Manager, invited us to see their offices and factory at Allambie Heights, where supported employees assemble and package a range of products. Initially unsure what to expect, we were truly humbled by the experience and were in awe of the excellent supported employment opportunity they offered for people with disability.’ Donna adds, ‘Sunnyfield was thrilled when we were told that we’d be a beneficiary from Bullhorn Live, as an employer of people with disability, we saw it as a great alliance’.

We are grateful for the support from Bullhorn and their commitments to our mission to enrich the lives people with disability.

View Bullhorn’s full experience in their latest blog here

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