Ben’s best life

July 5, 2018

For Ben and his sister Samantha, Support Coordination has made a world of difference. Ben is achieving his goals, living a happy and fulfilling life and best of all he is getting the most out of his NDIS plan.

“When the NDIS came in we didn’t really know how to navigate it, the Support Coordination we’ve received from Sunnyfield has made our lives and Ben’s life a lot simpler.” Samantha, Ben’s sister.

Support Coordination has provided Ben with access to services that will directly support his goals, hobbies and lifestyle. Ben is now enjoying support to participate in loads of outdoor activities including bushwalking, bike rides and also has support to attend an overseas group holiday planned for the future.

“Support Coordination made it simpler for us to make choices about how to best spend Ben’s NDIS funding to increase his quality and enjoyment of life.” Samantha

Support Coordination

If you are interested in Support Coordination, start the conversation today and contact our friendly Client Engagement Team on 1300 588 688 or click the button below for more information.

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