120 People Participate in the Tamworth Indoor Sports Day

August 27, 2015

On the 26th  August, Sunnyfield disAbility Services hosted the third annual Indoor Sports Day. The fun-filled event supported 120 people with disability from the New England region to engage in a range of mixed sports.

The Sunnyfield Indoor Sports Day is a yearly highlight for participants, many of whom travel from as far afield as Narrabri, Gunnedah, Armidale, Inverell and Glen Innes.

The event is a celebration of Sunnyfield’s Active August Campaign, a month promoting the importance of health and wellness for people with disability. The Sports Day was full of laughter and lots of friendships were formed along with some healthy competition.

Our Active August campaign encourages all people, but particularly those with disability, to stay active and fit.

Caroline Cuddihy, Sunnyfield CEO

“Sometimes people with disability find it more challenging to lead a healthy, active lifestyle,” says Sunnyfield CEO Caroline Cuddihy.

“Our Active August campaign encourages all people, but particularly those with disability, to stay active and fit. Regular exercise boosts self-esteem and mood, builds strength and coordination and helps prevent being overweight and certain diseases.

“Sunnyfield’s programs across our services encourage healthy choices and active living. It’s a fundamental part of what we do. This year’s all bodies campaign is about embracing health, fitness and wellness no matter who you are.”

“During Active August, Sunnyfield clients, family, staff, and community members are making healthy lifestyle choices and participating at community fitness events and activities, including the Indoor Sports Day in Tamworth,”

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