Skills for life

Skills for Life

Sunnyfield’s Skills for Life have been developed utilising Sunnyfield’s person-centred active support philosophy. These activities are designed for people with disability of all ages, to support you to achieve your goals and aspirations. Skills for Life provide a range of practical tools and techniques to support you to develop social skills, communication skills, strengthen problem solving skills, increase self-awareness and build independence.

Social Skills
• Knowing myself
• Relationship circles
• Conversations
• Hellos and goodbyes
• Friendships
• Boundaries
• More than friends-dating

Money Skills
• Budgeting
• Numeracy
• Purchasing
• Money recognition

• Food safety
• Following a recipe
• Planning a menu

Out and About
• Public transport
• Travel training (practical)
• Road safety
• Being a vehicle passenger

• Using an iPad ®
• Cyber safety

Personal Appearance
• Dental hygiene
• Handwashing
• Identifying appropriate clothing

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