Supporting people to have choice and control

Sunnyfield is a registered provider of supports for the NDIS. We can provide individualised supports for people throughout the Hunter region.

My Choice

Skills For Life

We strongly believe in empowering people through Active Support to learn and maintain skills for life. Our Active Support can help you to:

  • Increase self esteem
  • Gain a sense of involvement and achievement
  • Increase independence and competence
  • Have more positive relationships with the people around you

Daily Living

Training and development can be provided to people with a disability and their support network to develop skills for daily living including communication, social skills, problem solving and money management.


We can work with you to develop your skills to travel and use public transport as independently as possible. This enables better access to your community and less reliability on others to get you where you want to go.

Specialised Support

Positive Behaviour Support

Positive Behaviour Support incorporates a number of techniques to increase the functional capacity of an individual and manage challenging behaviour. Our services are provided from early childhood through to adults and pays close attention to age appropriate development. By working closely with our clients and their support network from a person centred perspective we build the capacity in others to provide better support improving consistency and outcomes.

Communication Support

Our communication support services provided by qualified Speech Pathologists assists people to apply new skills to improve participation and independence in daily activities.
Communication support can occur in a number of ways:

  • Communication assessment of skills and abilities
  • Intervention plan to establish goals and provide direct support
  • Training in technology, visual communication tools and other innovative supports
  • Training and education services that aim to enhance the capacity of communication partners to interact with the person

Nutrition and Swallowing

Our qualified Speech Pathologists are able to provide assessments of your nutrition and swallowing needs, develop a plan to manage the risks involved and support the implementation of this with your networks.

Plan Management

Managing Life Stages and Supports

We can help you understand the different supports you currently receive and what choices and opportunities are available, then develop and implement a plan to reach your goals. The supports we provide are:

  • Life planning and goal setting through different transitions
  • Budgeting, money management and making purchases
  • Emergency and crisis situations
  • Working with your network to develop resilience skills
  • Co-ordinating a number of services that you may receive

Specialised Assessment of Skills, Abilities and Needs

We are able to work with you to assess your skills and future needs, especially where there may be complex or unclear needs that require a long term plan.

Managing Funding

We have the experience and system in place to manage the funding in your plan which may include making payments, claiming expenses and providing statements. We are also able to assist with building your ability to manage these supports in time, with as little or as much help as you require from us.

My Home

Shared & Independent Living Options

Shared Living

We are an experienced provider of supported accommodation for people with a disability. We provide individual support within a shared environment for 2 or more people and operate 30 group homes within NSW.

Shared living allows a safe and supportive environment where we encourage participation in everyday activities in your local community. We provide the amount of support you require which ranges from 2 hours of drop in care up to 24/7 care.

Independent Living

We can help you prepare for living independently by developing the skills you need to manage. We can also provide the support you need to maintain this arrangement through drop in support that is tailored to your needs and provided at times that suits you. Some examples are:

  • Household skills
  • Money management
  • Knowledge of the local area
  • Transport skills
  • Personal care skills
  • Goal setting

Personal Care

Sunnyfield’s trained staff can assist you with the daily personal tasks that you require assistance with, such as getting ready for the day, showering and grooming.

Household Tasks

If you require assistance to maintain and look after our house then we are able to assist.

Tenancy Arrangements

We can assist you to find and maintain appropriate accommodation for your needs.

My Community

Community & Social Activities

Sunnyfield supports individuals to participate in social and recreational activities in a centre based environment or out and about in your community.

Sunnyfield is always developing strong community partnerships that are used to provide greater opportunities and value for money to clients using our services. In the Hunter we use the Belmont Neighbourhood Centre as a community hub for our programs where we coordinate services and plan activities out  in the community

My Work

Gaining Employment Skills

We provide tailored training to build your skills and capacity to find and maintain a job. Our training develops skills across all aspects of your life and builds your capacity to take control. We can provide you with different experiences depending on your interests and career goals. Some of the techniques we use are:

  • Using our relationship to build connections in your community
  • Setting short and long term goals in your career
  • Helping you to understand your formal training opportunities
  • Providing work experience to give you the opportunity to try a variety of job roles
  • Skills for life such as learning to use public transport in your community to get to and from work or other social activities
  • assisting you to find and maintain either open or supported employment

NDIS Eligibility

Not sure if you meet the eligibility criteria? Call us today and we can assist you with determining eligibility and discussing your options. You can also access requirements for the scheme on the NDIS website by clicking here