Travel Training Supports Jasmine’s Independence

Jasmine recently completed her travel training program at Sunnyfield, which means she can travel from her shared living home to her job in Chatswood with confidence and independence. It’s been a long time in the making and a huge goal for Jasmine, who is now getting the exercise she likes by walking to the bus stop each morning. Her new-found independence means she is enjoying her role at Sunnyfield Enterprises Chatswood even more. “Jasmine is so incredibly happy with herself and so motivated every morning going to work independently,” says Sole Coria, Service Manager.

Jasmine is very proud of achieving her ambitions and completing her travel training with the support of Sunnyfield staff. She is up early, enthusiastic to get to work and ready to take on the day. “I like getting the bus and going to work, I get two buses,” says Jasmine. Jasmine is looking forward to other opportunities her public transport skills will bring in 2017!