Clinical Services

Sunnyfield’s Clinical Services offer a range of behaviour and allied health supports for people from early childhood through to late adulthood, providing a combination of supports that facilitate meaningful participation in the community and improve quality of life. Services can be accessed within a range of settings, which may include in the home, in the community or at an educational or vocational setting.

Positive Behaviour Support

Sunnyfield’s Behaviour Support Practitioners work with people to improve their relationships.

Sunnyfield can provide:

  • Consultation services
  • Comprehensive functional/behavioural assessments
  • Positive behaviour support plans
  • Assistance with the use, authorisation and fading out of restricted practices
  • Specialised training related to positive behaviour support


Sunnyfield can provide:

  • Behavioural support and management plans
  • Specialised training related to areas of psychology and mental health
  • Psychological assessment (e.g. mental health, cognitive capacity), diagnosis reports and treatment planning

Speech Pathology

Sunnyfield’s Speech Pathologists identify the most effective way to communicate based on individual needs.

Sunnyfield can provide:

  • Literacy and reading comprehension assessments
  • Training in technology, visual communication tools and other innovative supports
  • Support for people who may have difficulties in swallowing food and drink


Sunnyfield’s Physiotherapists support people by developing plans that promote recovery from injury, increase mobility or overcome movement disorders.

Sunnyfield can provide:

  • Physical assessments and reports
  • Exercise programs designed to improve function and health

Occupational Therapy

Sunnyfield’s Occupational Therapists support people of all ages and abilities to assist them to engage in everyday tasks and occupations to the best of their abilities.

Sunnyfield can provide:

  • Prescription of assistive aids and equipment for all daily living tasks
  • Specific plans that improve quality of life
  • Specialised training related to areas of Occupational Therapy
  • Rest, sleep and well-being plan