About Sunnyfield

About Intellectual Disability

All people are different and develop their abilities in different ways. Some people may find developing certain skills more difficult than others and this may be due to an intellectual disability.

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Person Centred, Active Support

Person Centred thinking involves listening to people and helping them to think about what they want from their lives now and in the future. The principles of active support involve supporting meaningful activities and relationships, helping people to gain more control over their lives and to become highly valued members of the community.

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Planning for the future

At Sunnyfield we support people with disability to exercise whole-of-life choices, explore their opportunities, build skills and feel valued in their community. It is important that we support people with disabilities and their networks to plan for their future, throughout the different stages of their life.

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Useful links

We have compiled links to other resources that can help you with funding questions, general information and planning information.

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