Sunnyfield Response Team

Sunnyfield Response Team

Sunnyfield is committed to upholding the principle that all clients, residents and supported employees are able to live and work in an environment that is free from abuse, assault or neglect. Sunnyfield has zero tolerance for abuse, assault or neglect and all allegations and incidents are acted upon quickly and effectively, ensuring confidentiality at all times, subject to legally imposed reporting obligations.

Sunnyfield’s policy and procedures ensure a uniform approach is applied to all allegations of abuse, assault or neglect of Sunnyfield clients, residents or supported employees. Sunnyfield’s Response Team members are representatives of all operational divisions of Sunnyfield and undertake specific training with the NSW Ombudsman and other appropriate registered training organisations. It is a requirement for all Sunnyfield staff to report any allegation of abuse, assault or neglect directly to the Sunnyfield Response Team.

What is the role of the Response Team?

  • To collate and record relevant information when an allegation is made.
  • Provide support to clients, family members or carers
  • Provide information to clients, family members or carers receiving services from Sunnyfield
  • Where required participate in investigations into allegations
  • Refer all serious incidents where an alleged crime has been committed against an adult to the NSW Police and the NSW Ombudsman under Part 3C of the NSW Ombudsman Act 1974 or to the ACT Police for incidents in the ACT
  • Report to the Department of Community Services, the NSW Ombudsman under Part 3C of the NSW Ombudsman Act 1974 and the NSW Police or the ACT Police in relation to children and young people where an allegation of assault, abuse or neglect is made.

When to contact the Response Team

If you have any concerns about something that you have seen or heard and are in doubt whether it is a Response Team issue, please contact the Response Team.

How can I contact the Response Team?

Sunnyfield’s Response Team operates 24 hours a day seven days a week in NSW and the ACT.

Contact us
T 02 8123 2051